Communication is Energy

“It is difficult for man to understand communication with energy … specifically, higher intelligence sources of energy.

Communication is all energy. The voices you hear in your head, visions, trance communication, realizations you have, dreams, your intuition, telepathy, and methods like channeling … are all intelligent information energy sources.

This communication energy permeates and extends to every realm of the Universe that man can understand and all the parts that he cannot. Therefore, when dealing with higher sources of communication it is convenient for man to personify things as either good and bad in an effort to understand them.

Linda Deir's Spirit Guide Angels talk about ... Communication is Energy

How we get these insights   The italic text within this post is the channeled information from Linda’s spirit guide angels…

Man personifies angels and masters, guides and ghosts, visions, gods, and demons. Being able to personify and visualize makes it easier for man to justify the existence of this energy. This way, man can relate to the personification and from that, can then explain it to others.

All communication energy comes from higher intelligence and is intended to educate.

It comes from the highest levels. It’s the energy of the Master Teachers and Healers. The communication is always rooted in the highest qualities of truth, wisdom, knowledge, compassion, cooperation, self-respect, justice, understanding, humility, caring and love.

The information is designed to be used in wisdom and love for the benefit of all people. It is always based in truth, yet can be interpreted by man as good or bad. When man interprets the information as good for him, he vibrates at a higher energy level. If the information is interpreted as bad, then man vibrates at a lower level. It is not important how you receive the information, as long as you are open to it.

This personification of the messenger is in line with man’s need to have a physical companion to communicate with.

When man seeks higher knowledge and creates an all-knowing friend, this personification he relies on helps him understand the communication from and to higher intelligence without becoming too intimidated.

So, is this really man talking to himself and connecting with his own self-energy…or, does man use his energy as a transmitter and receiver to create a relationship with personified energy?

Man feels better communicating with something or someone they can give a name to. Their Guides, their angels, their god, or the devil are all personifications of energy you can communicate with. Once this higher energy is personified, then man has someone to blame for his shortcomings. For example, “Why would god allow this to happen to me? You hear this all the time when the question should be, “Why would I allow this to happen to me?


  • It’s always easy to blame another for your shortfalls or situation, your relationship, your health, and everything that happens to you in your life. If man did not personify his communication with his higher self or higher energy, then he would have to learn to live in the now and accept responsibility for the present and everything that comes after it.
  • Higher self and higher energy are the same as everything is intelligent energy. Each person is part of the Universal higher energy and this vast energy can be tapped into by man through his higher self for any knowledge or help he needs. The higher self is part of the higher energy realm and the connection you forget when you come here.
  • You have the ability to communicate with your higher self in many ways and in all areas of your life. Try to understand that only you can allow yourself this privilege. It cannot be given to you by another person, a religion, or a cult. It is a highly personal communication that you understood completely before you came here and are now trying to remember.   

How It Works: We hope this information will allow you to communicate better with your higher self, allowing you to have a better life in all areas. Do not be hard on yourself once you make this connection to yourself. People are hard on themselves because they lack compassion for themselves. Many have been taught the negative things in life and thought that was normal.

Find a way to communicate with your higher self and higher intelligence sources that feel comfortable to you. It may be through meditation or channeling, or chanting, or yoga, or many other paths. All these paths lead you along the same journey. ~ Linda Deir

Tapping into this communication energy will allow you to understand and learn at a higher level, just like I have since I was 20 months old. Want to talk with your Spirit Guide Angels, like I do? Angel Coaching with Linda