Spiritually Aware People - The Silent Majority

Guided Journey

  • The takeaway from this episode is … you will know if you are in this silent majority.
  • Here’s what this will do for you … you will understand why the silent majority – YOU – have been silent.
  • Here’s what I want you to do with it … it’s time to stop the silence, first, by having a conversation with yourself in your daily journal writing. You will be surprised at what you realize as YOU emerge from the silence and onto the pages.


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Linda Deir took this photograph of her Spirit Guide Angel when they appeared to her at Christmas time 1994About Linda's Weekly Guided Insights





Why is the silent spiritual majority, silent? 

A silent spiritual majority is an unspecified large group of people who do not publicly express their beliefs or thoughts. Although they are spiritually aware people, they keep to themselves and do not show a public image.

While this protects their privacy it also isolates them and therefore doesn’t help when it comes to adding to the group or community. You would think that if they were more vocal about their beliefs then more people would join them, but the silent spiritual majority isn’t like the other majorities. They keep to themselves. Their spiritual beliefs are very personal, and they don’t flaunt them.

In the past, the New Age movement was a movement for the masses. They flaunted their beliefs and thoughts. They sought out GURU’s to follow and had large gatherings that reinforced the beliefs and lifestyle of the leader. The people who are spiritually aware don’t do this; they keep their guidance to themselves. They do this because many times they are judged and ridiculed for what and who they are and how they think. So, it is somewhat of a protection mechanism not to publicly flaunt their spiritual awareness.

Is this positive or negative for gaining more people to this silent spiritual majority movement?

It’s both. Since they are silent it’s not out in public view where they can be judged or ridiculed, since they are not talking about it. It’s more of a situation where somebody finds out that their friend or someone they just met is spiritually aware making them very different from anyone they’ve ever met before. They see that as something they’d also like to achieve.

They look to this new friend, not as a GURU, but as a teacher who is willing to share what they have learned and not force it on anyone. No systems to follow, or rituals to learn. Nothing to do as a large group of people where you have to get together and go through ceremonies. Rather, it’s a personal thing, it’s a remembrance of the spiritual life you had before you got here … the beforelife.

You came from a place where everyone was spiritually advanced and aware.

There wasn’t a silent spiritual majority – there was just a majority. EVERYONE. There was nothing to hide, you couldn’t even if you wanted to, so people (in spirit) don’t. It has been the societal programming you experience in this life that makes it difficult for spiritually aware people to express themselves. But that is all changing. It starts by realizing you are free. A by-product of this freedom is realizing you don’t need a GURU to follow. This happens when you slow down and begin to listen for our guidance. That’s when you realize you are your own teacher and healer … you are your own GURU!

You first run into this guidance in your spiritual alone time, your daily 15 minute journal writing sessions with us. That’s when you escape this world of distractions and concentrate on your uniqueness, your oneness, as well as your connectedness in the universe. The awareness is present and is recognized as this connection you have with yourself first, and with each other, then with everything in your world, and everything in your universe. It’s the ripple effect you’ve heard so much about.

So, being spiritually aware doesn’t involve you having to do or teach anything, it’s all about being connected and present. It’s about walking your talk. That’s when we can have our conversations.


  • There’s a reason why the silent spiritual majority has been silent but that is changing.
  • Judgment and ridicule have kept the silent spiritual majority silent – but that is changing too.
  • It’s time to be your authentic self, a role model for other previous silent majorities.

HOW IT WORKS: Spiritually aware people, this silent spiritual majority movement is much larger than the previous New Age movement was. It’s void of entertainment and hype. It’s silent and free from all that. It is not based on competition and separation, but on cooperation and connection. You are teaching by example as a living, walking, breathing role model. You can’t be a fake or worry about what others may think or do – just because you are being you. You no longer dread your alone time because you have learned to harness it. You have become more sensitive and therefore aware. The consequence is that you can no longer tolerate being around harsh and angry people. The pressure of allowing that into your life would be toxic. Your priorities have changed. Having reduced the distractions, you are listening and receiving “our” guidance. You are beginning to trust yourself. Looking for your way is a thing of the past. Every day “is the way” when you remain present and connected. You are walking your talk. You are living it! ~ Linda Deir