To Communicate with Your Higher Self You Have to Lose Your Mind
  • The takeaway from this week’s episode is … you will learn how to harness the power of your higher self.
  • Here’s what this will do for you … you will learn to be your higher self.
  • Here’s what I want you to do with it … to maintain the exceptional clarity your higher self will be provided you must write down the communication you are receiving.


Linda Deir took this photograph of her Spirit Guide Angel when they appeared to her at Christmas time 1994About Linda's Weekly Guided Insights






It helps if you carry on a conversation with yourself.

Once you are aware that this conversation going on – you can start to define the voice in your head. It was always there, but you may not have recognized its meaning or importance. There is a voice inside you communicating with you – the person. It is not your mind nor your personality – it is the essence of your universal energy and intelligence. It is your higher self and us attempting to get through to you, but you must have an open mind to receive what we are conveying.

When your higher self speaks to you, your mind is always filtering what it is saying.

You see, your mind doesn’t accept things that it hasn’t already experienced or learned from the past. Therefore, spiritually, you become a slow learner. Your higher self is doing what it can to get your mind to open and accept what it is saying and accept your higher self as your controller. Your intellect acts like a traffic cop only allowing certain things to get through. Therefore, you must learn how to create an environment that controls the intellect and the mind that lets your higher self be heard by you – the person. This is done through stillness.

You are already the clarity, love, and intelligence that you desire. You desire it and seek it out because you remember it as something from before, albeit a distant memory, which is now missing from your physical life. This is why people seek out gurus, religion, and other means of “trying” to find themselves. They are looking in the wrong direction when they do this and need to become still inside and clear their mind.

Your mind’s only function is to send out messages to your intellect and body that many times are self-indulgent. You must remain still. Clear your mind of interrupting thoughts and emotions.

Start listening to that still small voice inside you that “is you.”

What we are saying is that to communicate with your higher self and us, you first have to lose your mind. That means to open it. Higher intelligence (your higher self and us) have always been speaking to you. Attempting to guide and educate you whether you listened or not. The important part of communicating with your higher self is asking yourself the right questions. Ask the right questions and you will get answers unfiltered by your mind, but you must write your questions down in your journal or you will forget them.

Study your journal writing from … outside of your mind.

People who say they hear strange voices in their heads telling them to do strange things – this is not communication with their higher self or with us. They are communicating with their own mind. These thoughts are being filtered according to their past experience and the things they learned previously. Your higher self would never tell you to do anything violent or destructive, as your higher self and “us” all come from truth and love.

People fall back on what they learned and experienced and make decisions based on that limited information. Getting in touch with your higher self opens up all universal information and puts it at your disposal to make new decisions outside of habitual patterns.


  • When you communicate with your higher self it is often clouded by physical and mental activity (distractions) which prevents communication from happening.
  • People say they are out of touch with themselves. You need to follow the basics we outlined to rediscover who you are.
  • Become still, then tell yourself that it is you that wants to be heard. Tell your mind to stop controlling your physical being so your higher self can take control.   

HOW IT WORKS: With all the uncertainty and struggle in the world today we need to increase our self-communication and release the limitations that bind us to the past. There is no sense in repeating the same things that no longer serve us. Reliving your past is listening to your mind replay the events, and emotions from a time gone by. The past is your mind’s photo album and memory book and nothing more. It sits on the shelf and, occasionally, you take it down and look at it. If you allow your Higher Self to guide you, the past will be memories and not future regrets. ~ Linda Deir