Improving Intelligence, Not Consciousness

Guided Journey

  • The takeaway from this episode is … you entered an experiment when you incarnated this time around. 
  • Here’s what this will do for you … you will understand that being a robotic human is not who you are, so who are you?
  • Here’s what I want you to do with it … you are already making the choices to be robotic or conscious, so what are they?


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Linda Deir took this photograph of her Spirit Guide Angel when they appeared to her at Christmas time 1994About Linda's Weekly Guided Insights





The most astonishing advancements in technology in the future will be focused on improving intelligence, not consciousness.

New humans will become organic robots. 

In the drug world, super drugs are being created that enhance brain power and intelligence by many factors. These drugs create super brain capacity that not only anticipate outcomes but also solutions. 

3D printing will make huge advances in medicine. One of the most important areas will be taking silicone material threads and impregnating them with bio-chemicals to reattach or replace nerves damaged by illnesses and injuries. In fact, scientists have already been able to recreate and replace the sciatic nerve in a rat using this technology. Between 2026 and 2031 you will see people getting replacement parts that are long-lasting and mind-boggling.

The danger of all these advances will be a loss of your freedoms. You will be restricted from any of these technological advances, and much more if you are not compliant with the mandates of the times. Mandates that impose mandatory societal compliance that monitors your every move and thought. The only thing left to become totally robotic will be to relinquish your free will by relinquishing any thoughts of your own

Improving intelligence, not consciousness … is a technology dominate approach to fixing what’s defective, while ignoring consciousness.

Something these technologies can’t produce is higher consciousness. You do not need to wait for that because it’s already here. We are here to help you with this. All you need to do is reawaken those atrophied intuitive muscles. We have been waiting for you to be ready.


  • By the year 2050 humans will have many options for improving brain power and fixing illnesses and injuries. However, this is just improving intelligence, not consciousness.

  • People are living longer, and soon, at a higher physical and mental capacity. Will you choose to be robotic or conscious?

  • Physically – technology will transform you into organic robots, but this will be a choice derived from your acceptance of a series of mandates promoted through fear tactics.

HOW IT WORKS: The combination of drugs and technology will become the new human. How can the natural human ever compete with this hybrid? These technologies improve the brain and body; however, you came into this life to improve your consciousness. After all, you won’t be taking the body with you when you are released from this world, only your consciousness. Attending to what enters your awareness from moment to moment will be what improves your consciousness. This creates a communication bridge to your source-connected Guides. Until now, this is something you may have thought was out of your reach, but it has always been available to you. Improving your consciousness will be your edge. ~ Linda Deir