Magically Improved. Expose themselves to something...

People think that when they read a book or attend a seminar they are magically improved …

No, all they did was expose themselves to something that may, or may not improve them, or their lives.

Improvement is a process, it’s not an event. It’s personal and unique to each person. 

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Linda's Spirit Guide Angels talk about becoming Magically ImprovedHow we get these insights   The italic text within this post is the channeled information from Linda’s spirit guide angels …

Go to a motivational seminar every weekend for a year and then see if you’ve improved. Chances are you are now more confused than before you went to the first one.

We have said before that it’s you becoming something better – gradually. So you don’t become magically improved, it’s a process. You don’t get something by reading books, or going to seminars – you are becoming something different. Let’s hope that you choose the right books and the right events to go to where you actually make a shift as a result of the experience. It’s never a static process.”


  • You don’t get something just because you are chasing it.
  • Look around you, no one becomes “Magically Improved.”

  • Start acknowledging that all the information you need to shift your life you already have.

How It Works: Personal improvement has been sold as entertainment, where you too can become magically improved!

It’s been sold as something you do on the weekend or make a vacation out of it. But, like that weekend vacation, or occasion, it wears off. You learned a few interesting things and maybe even have some bragging rights for attending, but your persistent restlessness is causing you to imagine somewhere else you could have gone. You are just moving from one distraction to another and wondering why you still have that empty hole inside you. Don’t kid yourself by chasing things, and seeking quick fixes. Instant gratification is not the path to improving, it’s fleeting. Do you like how you are personally improving? Slow down and take a look inside. Invest in some alone, calm time; allowing yourself to show itself. This is how real improvement happens, not waiting to become magically improved… someday. ~ Linda Deir

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