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Getting What You Are Looking For…

Who Is on Your Relationship Waiting List?.

Getting What You Are Looking For, by Linda DeirAre you getting what you are looking for on your relationship list of requirements? Waiting for the relationship you deserve, meeting that person who is good enough to be with you. A loving relationship with someone who looks beautiful, is the picture of health, successful, spend all their time with me and gives me everything I desire.

Everyone can relate to getting the relationship of their dreams, the one they’ve always waited for. So, why is it so hard to get it?

It’s because you are busy looking for it. Here’s how it really works. When you are looking for that elusive loving relationship, you will get exactly what you are looking for – an elusive relationship. What you will find is someone else ‘looking for’ the same thing that you are looking for except it won’t be you. That person won’t want you because you aren’t the person on their relationship waiting list. In fact, you’re just like them looking for the same thing they are. So yes, you will get (attract) what you’re looking for – a relationship. But it won’t be the relationship you’re looking for.

The most you could hope for from that person you attracted is to collude with them in your delusional attempt to find what you both insist on getting. It’s a collusion of delusion, a double dose of you.

The lesson here is that you can’t chase it by looking for it. If you really want to get what you are looking for you must become what that is. This is a 180-degree course correction from looking for it. Once you become the very thing you are looking for you won’t have to look for it, it will find you.

In the meantime, you will only waste time if you insist on looking for it.

All you will attract is someone just like you are right now, not that amazing person on your relationship list who is waiting for “you” to become that person you’ve been waiting for. Once that happens, and it eventually will, you won’t be desperate to find the undiscovered you in someone else. This is the relationship you have been longing for, not waiting for. This is your awakening! ~ Linda Deir

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