The Highest Form of Communication
  • The takeaway from this episode is … you participated in this highest form of communication when you were a child.
  • Here’s what this will do for you … release the notion that you don’t know how to do this.
  • Here’s what I want you to do with it … to bring back this pure communication style you must start a dialogue with this invisible force.


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You are part of the universal consciousness.

This is where all higher intelligence resides. Your ability to communicate with higher intelligence is a talent you have always had. Everyone can do it. That’s because it’s universal. Unconsciously and subconsciously people have assumed that only ascended masters and very intelligent people could communicate with higher intelligence and develop intuition.

The first step is understanding why YOU can do it.

If you consider your hand part of your body, it’s the same as you, and your body is part of the universe. Everything in this massive universe is connected. All is one and one is part of the all. So, once you realize you are part of this universal intelligence then all you must do is believe that you can communicate with it.

The way you begin to communicate with universal higher intelligence is through believing it’s there for you to use and by asking questions.

The better your questions, the clearer your answers will be. Once you ask a clear question don’t expect to get an answer right away. By expecting an answer, you are disrupting the process. You must relax and release all expected outcomes so the true answer can reveal itself.

The answer may not come as words. It may come in the form of a picture or vision or an occurrence. This “vision answer” will pop into your mind only when you have relaxed and released all expectations. Now, when the answer does come through, you many times brush it off as something you were thinking about at the moment.

The universe always works and evolves in a way that promotes its own best survival and growth, this is why it answered in this manner. The universe is always moving forward and evolves in a manner that is right for the survival of itself. Never does the universe present something to you that is to be interpreted as bad. This is why we have told you before that nothing ever happens to you, but for you.

You make the choice with the answer or event by how you interpret your interaction with higher intelligence. You can look to an event that happened and find all the ways that it will affect your life in a negative manner or, you can look at this same event and see how it is a cornerstone for positive things that will follow in your life.

Not trusting the answer you receive from universal consciousness is certainly within the realm of your free will. However, if you continually second guess and doubt the answers, you receive you will find that you will not be able to develop your intuition to a high degree. Your intuition is just like a muscle that you exercise, the more you use it the stronger it gets.


  • Remember that first, you must believe you are part of the universal consciousness.
  • You must understand that nothing this consciousness and intelligence sends to you is to harm you. After all, you chose to be here where you are now at this particular moment within this universe. You knew how to get here you just forgot where you came from.
  • Guessing what the messages are that you receive will only make you doubt your efforts going forward. Relax, breathe, and receive – then follow what you know intuitively to be the right path for you – that’s guidance!   

HOW IT WORKS: You should never anticipate or expect a certain outcome. For sure you could manifest an outcome by your intention but forcing your intentions and expectations will not be what was sent as the answer to your question. You have many times received an intuitive response and then second-guessed it. After you were made aware that the answer was the first one you said to yourself, “I knew that because I had a hunch that would happen.” Although this hunch was the clear answer sent to you, you did not trust it. This happens when you don’t get the answer you wanted or expected. To bend the answer into something you want, you fall back into old rational ways of thinking. You must learn not to force your rational thinking onto the answers, so you only hear what you want to hear. That’s not your intuition, that’s your ego. ~ Linda Deir