Higher Intelligence is the Source You Came From


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You have created everything in your life.

You have done this sometimes consciously and, at other times, unconsciously. 

Your life, so far, is a combination of what you have learned, and know from what you have experienced. How well you interact and communicate with higher intelligence sources of energy is how well you will co-create a better life than you could have done on your own. But … can you be reached?

Everyone has the ability to communicate with this higher source. Everyone has an equal ability, and no one has more or less ability, however, some people are more adept and proficient at communicating with this intelligence. These people have the ability to stay focused in the present moment. They feel the presence of guidance and pick up on their communication, like an antenna.

As you become more enlightened you become more like this intelligent energy.

When you become more enlightened you then realize how much you don’t know. This is why most enlightened masters were very humble. They realized that the more they learned, the more they didn’t know.

You come into this world in a state of happiness. Happiness is your natural state of being. However, this changes when those who got here before you attempt to change you, causing you to lose touch with your basic inner peace and happiness. Your life is all about what you experience.

If you never went skiing but had several friends who did, they would all tell you about what it was like to ski. One person may explain it as being very exhilarating, another may say that it is very dangerous, and they broke their leg. Still, others would explain it differently. This is not experienced by you, so it is just information that is meant to help you formulate what it must be like to ski. Then one day you go skiing and now you have a skiing experience to fall back on. You have formulated your own ideas and feelings about skiing.

Until you experience something it is only information. You are constantly being told what to think and do by social pressures, cultural pressure, economic influence, government, peer pressure, and many other kinds of pressures influencing your life. Your heritage also influences how you think and act.

Your thoughts are the first building blocks of experiences.

This is why you must be careful about what you think. Your thoughts communicate with the source through vibrations and similar vibrations that are sympathetic. You can play a string on a guitar and the same string on another guitar nearby will vibrate, this is the principle of sympathetic vibration. One vibration is responsive to the other. So, if you think about being ill you will be ill, especially if you have been sickly all your life. You have created it. If you worry about not being able to find a better job or make more money then you won’t. You create your experiences with your thoughts derived from your free will.

When you are faced with a situation you have the choice of responding with a conditioned response, or creatively through higher intelligence energy. If you only respond with conditioned responses all you will create is more of what you have. Most people accept what they have created in their life without ever understanding how they did it, or why.


  • It’s backward thinking when people who are not happy with their decisions look for happiness outside of themselves.
  • To develop good communication with higher intelligence – imagine yourself as an antenna hooked to a receiver. Through this antenna, you can receive or send. When you send you are creating and when you receive you are experiencing.
  • You come from a place where there is no outside negative influence, only positive experiences. When you come into this world this changed because of outside influences.   

HOW IT WORKS: Since everyone has the ability to communicate with higher intelligence – it is only in your willingness and desire to use this ability that you will actually experience it. Many people disregard this ability and are victims of the circumstances that others have manifested for them. If you find yourself outside of your comfort zone, in that creative place where you are open and can learn new things – and you let it scare you, then you are yielding to outside pressures once again. Nobody can tell you how to live a happy life, just as no one can tell you what skiing is like. Only when you experience it can you decide what makes you happy or not. ~ Linda Deir