The Difference between Gut Feelings and your Intuition

“Do you tend to overreact when confronted with a situation, by turning it into a problem?

Do you jump to conclusions? Or, do you listen to your intuition, write it down, and examine it before you make a decision? This is the difference between gut feelings and your intuition. Some people say they are the same, but they are not.

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A gut feeling triggers the fight or flight response. It’s immediate. It demands immediate action, “Don’t go down that dark alley,” “Be careful when you are around that negative person.”

Your intuition is something that triggers long-term examination and analysis before you act. Your intuition is not immediate, it desires and requires that you ask yourself questions about the intuitive message. Where did you get it from? What does it really mean? When and how did you receive it? How did it make you feel? What did you realize from the intuitive message? All this goes on before you decide the action you will take from the intuition. However, if after you perform on these questions and you procrastinate or fail to take action, the guidance that came from your intuition will lose its effectiveness.

Some people only react to their gut feelings like an animal. This is a primal response. Self-thinkers who listen to their intuitive guidance will always be more reflective and introspective. They’re not willing to jump one way or another as soon as they receive intuition without running it through their long-term examination process.

It’s unfortunate for those who do not listen to the intuitive transmissions, because they will never get to see the intended result had they followed it.

That’s cutting off your destiny. A destiny that was planned before you came here, so you could accomplish what you intended. This is how you become much more of a complete person than you were when you first arrived. Intuition always points you in the direction of your highest calling, but you must be willing to follow it. The goal is to leave this world without regrets.


  • Gut feelings are short-term planning.
  • Intuition is long-term planning, not that it takes a long time to implement.
  • When you confuse the two it affects your destiny.

HOW IT WORKS: Intuition is where your creativity and genius reside. You brought this gift with you from the before life, your internal GPS. Your connection to a higher intelligence source is what gives you the capacity to solve problems intuitively. From this connection, you will discover that problems do not exist, only solutions. With all the scams, schemes, lies, and manipulations bombarding you, using your intuition has never been more important than right now. I wrote a journal specifically for this use, to harness what your intuition is always sending you, how to examine it and apply it. ~ Linda Deir

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