The First Time you Felt Everyone Here Let You Down | Linda Deir -author, speaker, transition coach, trainer

“What happened the first time you felt like everyone here let you down?

You learned to accept your guidance at a young age and you followed it without hesitation. Soon, you found out that there were consequences from doing so. You started to realize that people aren’t like you and you didn’t fit in.

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This is when you began to realize that you were different. When you noticed everybody else didn’t follow their guidance or recognize their connection to those who were guiding them. Everyone here was acting the same, which is what made you the outcast. This is the first time you started to experience the feeling of isolation. This made you feel alone here in this world. You have this connection to your Spirit Guides, so you know you are never alone. So, why do you feel alone?

What you are seeking is acceptance.

You don’t want to be shunned or avoided because of what you know, or how you act. Yes, you do act differently than everyone else, but you also don’t understand why that’s a problem? Maybe you even started to think that you are missing something that everyone else seems to get.

People may even tell you, “that you just don’t get it.”

You are confused about what it is that you don’t get? You don’t think like others, so why would you know? This feeling of isolation, when used as “the way” to see the truth in any situation, will always provide access to the spiritual connection where you know the intelligent guidance is always streaming from. This is the connection.The First Time you Felt Everyone Here Let You Down

While you are observing and thinking that others just don’t get it, they are all thinking the same thing about you. This is a dichotomy that you must learn to live with because you are living in two worlds, and not just this one. You can choose to live in one or the other, but if you want to understand your life and why you’re here – to see what’s really going on, you must learn to balance living in 2 worlds – the one you came from and this one.


  • Soon, you started to feel different.
  • You felt isolated for the first time.
  • Unless you learn to balance living in two worlds you will feel isolated while always seeking acceptance.

How It Works: There are consequences for being your true self. A positive one is that you will like your alone time as you follow your curiosity … your guidance. A negative one is when you spend your time in isolation, hiding, and putting important decisions off – distracting you from your life. Like the Spirit Guides said, “You must learn to balance living in two worlds simultaneously.” Once you sync with this dual reality you will soon discover that it’s fun, as you live in the moment with ease (you are no longer motivated by fear). That’s where your Spirit Guides reside and what you came into this world knowing, as a new person. Your Spirit Guides will never let you down, they have been waiting for you to be ready. ~ Linda Deir

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