The Power of Why | Linda Deir -author, speaker, transition coach, trainer

“The secret to learning to communicate with us is your ability to formulate “why” questions.

You must be cautious not to ask leading questions that would yield; yes or no responses, what about, when, or any question where you could already have an outcome in mind. Everyone uses leading questions when they first start communicating with us. 

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You have been conditioned not to want to hear anything bad. The truth is not bad. So, rather than being open to the truth you avoid “why” questions, so you get answers you want to hear. This is how you have been tricking yourself all these years. It’s also how you lost your connection to us.

“Why” questions have no agenda.

Since you have starved yourself throughout most of your life from communicating with us, you now have poor spiritual communication skills. The secret to getting through this and establishing the proper communication bridge to us is to ask “why” questions. The “why” question is a personal development approach that will remind you who you are and why you are here.

It is through these “why” questions that you will nurture yourself back into existence.

Everybody comes into this life equipped to ask “why.” Children are the best examples of asking the relentless “why” questions. Everything they ask is, why this, why that, why everything. It’s because they don’t have an answer in mind and need it explained. However, adults often tell them the wrong things or tell them the same things they were told by their parents when they were a child.

The worst example of responding to the “why” question the child asked is to tell them it’s because you are the authority and not give them an answer at all. It doesn’t take the child long to see through these empty answers.

It’s important to understand why the child needs clarity. It will test your parenting skills. Since you never learned this when you were a child, you can learn it now by asking your Spirit Guides and Angels “why” questions that you never got answers to. Write all your questions in your journal, otherwise you will forget you even asked the question when the answer comes through. It’s important to write down one question at a time, date it, and keep these journal entries in chronological order. This is how you will recognize the answer when it comes through.

When you learn how to formulate well-thought-out “why” questions you have taken the first step toward your conscious alignment with your Guides.


  • You ask a “why” question when you are open to the truth.
  • “Why” questions are never leading questions.
  • It’s through formulating proper “why” questions that you open the door to communication with us.

How It Works: Until you know who you are can you have a consistent relationship with your Spirit Guides and Angels. This is a balancing act of living in 2 worlds. The “why” questions that never got answered as a kid will finally get answered by those who know you best, your Spirit Guides. They understand why your “why” questions are so important. They will gladly answer every single one of your them and do so from an impeccable truth.

As you begin to learn who you are the communication bridge to your Spirit Guides will open up. You will immediately discover you have an intelligent and reliable source to ask your “why” questions to and get them answered.

In the beginning, this connection will feel overwhelming. You will feel an enormous amount of gratitude and heart energy open up in you. After all, it’s been a long time since you united with them. They were just waiting for you to be ready. To you, it will feel like the best friend you could ever imagine has just returned to you. This long-awaited reunion will be met with all the questions you have for them, just like when you were first able to talk and asked your parents those relentless “why” questions.

Communication with your Spirit Guides will bring back old feelings, where you left off from those early times in your life. For example; when you asked your parents all those “why” questions did they tell you to stop it or shut up? … that time-capsule of feeling stupid or selfish will immediately flood through when asking questions now. Like you should know the answers. Except, now you know the truth about what happened back then. This is what it feels like when living in two worlds. It’s a stark difference. This is what happens when you start becoming conscious. ~ Linda Deir

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