The Lie of Attraction

Guided Journey

People talk about the Law of Attraction all of the time but is it really … The Lie of Attraction?

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These people expect to attract “what they most want now.”

They just need to think it into being. The problem with this is that thinking something doesn’t mean you really believe it, especially when you are not that person who is willing to do what it takes to achieve it. That’s where the subconscious mind takes over. The instant anything comes along that shakes you up or distracts you into wanting the next shiny new thing, the Law of Attraction goes right out the window. It’s like a bulldozer plowing everything down that you just thought up. It wasn’t solid because you didn’t believe it, you aren’t that person who could attract it, it was imagined and not real to you at all.

Then there’s those who feed off the Law of Attraction. It’s been marketed so much that many people are now using it to game the system by claiming that they have the secret. In doing that, they study how to fool people. Next, they refine their strategy to achieve their objective and that is to convince you that they have what you want or need.

The Law of Attraction is loaded with manipulation and lies where the opportunists have an agenda to get you to do what benefits them. This is obvious to the people who know who they are and trust what they know. These people trust their intuition and can instantly detect the fakes. Unfortunately, these people are the minority.

How do you detect this crime of manipulation and lies that has become so rampant?

You need to become immune to what the “Law” of Attraction has turned into, and that’s The “Lie” of Attraction. It resides in the distractions.

When the Lie of Attraction is delved out to the masses it’s done through your desire to want things. Want things like; new cars and clothes, going shopping, having the latest gadgets, on your phone all the time, consumed by social media, TV, eating and drinking too much, can’t stand being alone, and the list goes on. It’s instant gratification that makes you a target for the lie of attraction.

Here’s what you need to look out for when someone tells you what you want to hear so they can trap you. They are manipulators and liars who play off your insecurities and neediness – your feelings of lack. If you are drawn into this, even for a moment you need to back away and collect yourself. At that moment you cannot attempt to correct this deficiency, only pull away.

So even if you don’t have the skills to combat this urge to be consumed by The Lie of Attraction, you do have the free will to pull away.

At this point, you realize that you are lacking important life skills. To the degree that you are able to get honest with yourself will you be able to get right with yourself. Once you achieve this you will become a powerful intentional attractor. To do this, you will need to become you, not some idea of you, or what you have been told, allowed or expected to be. You need to be the real authentic you. This is when you can begin to really trust yourself and clearly see through the intentions of others.

You become the person who is capable of attracting what you really want and like; someone just like you.

Attracting it is the opposite of chasing it. If you are chasing it, then it’s not yours to have. If  “you” are the Attraction, it will come to you just like a magnet.

When you start attracting what you need most, you are being you – the REAL YOU! You become irresistible to those you want to attract. To learn who that is, you need to hang out with those who are the most qualified. To discover who they are, I would suggest you learn who your Spirit Guides are because they have all the qualifications you are looking for. The more authentic you are, the more irresistible you become to your Spirit Guides. They love and appreciate who you are, they may be the only ones who do.

Once you learn this, “you” become the “Attraction” and not the pawn in someone else’s game of The Lie of Attraction disguised as The Law of Attraction. ~ Linda Deir

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