Hanging Out with Smart People

“What kind of people do you like to hang out with?

Look at the different types of friends you have. Some of them are the funny people. You get together and laugh a lot which makes you feel good, and maybe gain an appreciation for humor.

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Linda Deir's Spirit Guide Angels talk about ... Hanging Out with Smart People

How we get these insights   The italic text within this post is the channeled information from Linda’s spirit guide angels …

How about the group you hang out with who are the relationship advisors? They are more than happy to get together and deal out their expert relationship advice, however, none of them seems to have a stable or loving relationship. Perhaps this isn’t the group you want to consult with regarding your relationships. Look somewhere else for real advice and much less criticism and judgment.

Next, you have a group of what we call, the party people. You know, the ones who always want to meet for drinks, the ones who never want the party to stop. They’ve been like this since college and have never changed. Guess what? They also don’t want you to change.

How about the really smart people who you get together with on a regular basis?

What…you don’t belong to that group? You mean your friends never want to get together to talk about what they’ve done right since the last time you got together, and share advice on anything that anyone in the group is stuck on and needs direction? Most people do not have a group like this. Someone, they can call up anytime. A few people have that one special friend they can call up and that friend will come right over to help them and listen.

We will tell you that if you continue along the path you are on you will end up being just like the people in those groups. You will look back on your life and laugh because you have attended a lot of parties with your friends. However, you also listened to them complain about relationships, careers, the government, and the world in general.

But wouldn’t it be better if you looked back on your life and told yourself how much you appreciated that one group of friends who knew you better than you knew yourself, and always have the right answers at the right time in your life. They never judge you for who you are, or what you have or haven’t done. They just offer up the best advice possible at the moment and then, get out of the way of your free will.

Everybody has a group of smart friends whether they realize it or not. It is us, your Spirit Guides.

You have a great advantage in that you can ask us for advice anytime. We are with you always, as we have been forever. Wouldn’t you rather, at the end of your life, look back and say I had the best group of smart friends who helped me become a much smarter, happier, and interesting person?


  • Experience different groups of friends. That will eventually lead you back to us.
  • Most of these group of friends pressure you to be just like them.
  • We are here when you are ready, without all the pressure.   

How It Works: No one knows you better than your Spirit Guides, not even you. They know why you are here in this lifetime and agreed to send you guidance every step of the way on your journey. So why don’t people listen to their guidance? It’s mostly because of distractions. Until things go wrong and you find yourself without direction do you even consider what you have been missing or how you got lost in the first place. Your life doesn’t need to fall apart before you recognize this guidance exist. Start writing down the guidance you are always receiving into your journal. It will be a lifesaver. ~ Linda Deir

Your Spirit Guides have been waiting for you to be ready

You are never alone and always being guided, but you have to listen.  Angel Coaching with Linda … guidance from “those” who know you best!