Recognizing Manipulation When It Shows Up
  • The takeaway from this episode is … once you buy into manipulation it’s hard to come back from it.
  • Here’s what this will do for you … once you remember when the manipulation first began you will know what to do to stop it.
  • Here’s what I want you to do with it … unravel the years of manipulation that have kept you in fear. Write it down because you won’t see it until you do.


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Manipulation makes it easy to control everyone’s life. 

You may not be aware of that, or aware that you have been manipulated your entire life. Manipulation started when you were young, beginning with your parents. They were the first authority figures conditioning you for a lifetime of being controlled through manipulative tactics.

Your parents used manipulation to get you to do something, or not do something. 

In school, your teachers continued with the same conditioning of manipulating you by commanding obedience. Authority figures perpetuated this by manipulating you into compliance.

You thought all this conditioning was normal. You didn’t have a voice about what they said, or what they determined was right for you, or not. In moments of quiet lucidity, you asked yourself, “How do they know what’s right for me?” Some things they told you just didn’t feel right.

So, after a lifetime of being manipulated, how can you recognize manipulation when it’s happening?

Do you feel it? … do you hear it? … do you read about it? Where does it come from? Manipulation begins with scripting, like the scripting of the news. Each individual news outlet talks about the same news the same way – that’s a script. Do you think that’s an accident? It’s the manipulation narrative. They want you to hear and see only what they want you to hear and see. That’s called a bias. Behind every biased is an agenda.

The agenda was created to get you to do one thing and not another, starting with the conditioning by your parents.

When they told you there was a possibility of a terrorist attack you were afraid. The news even came up with a rating system for the possibility of a terrorist attack. A color-coded system that got everyone’s attention. Everyone wanted to know … is today the day? Where was this attack supposed to happen? … nobody knew. How bad was it going to be? … nobody knew. Only a color difference raised or lowered people’s anxiety about a possible attack. The changing of a color chart manipulated people into fear just by showing it on TV. How easy was that?

Manipulation conditions you through fear-based perceptions.

The news reports that today’s a hot day but then the weather person says tomorrow will be a “hot weather emergency day.” What does that mean? … that it’s 100 degrees one day and a degree or two hotter the next day? This is another way to distract people and capture their attention using fear as a distraction so they can roll out what they don’t want you to see.

People were told there was a pandemic out there, but nobody had isolated the cause. They were just told that people who had certain symptoms were dying in droves and millions upon millions more were going to die from it. So, you must wear a mask, stay at home, social distance from everyone, lockdown the economy and ruin it in the process, and destroy people’s livelihoods all because of a mass exaggeration to manipulate you into compliance. People were manipulated into such fear that they gave up their free will, rendering them powerless to think for themselves.

This is like telling people that beings from other planets are likely to invade us but we’re not sure when – just that it’s going to be bad. Why is it that people are so gullible and influenced by fear? … and what can you do about it? Your best line of defense is to acknowledge how it feels the moment it shows up. Does it feel right? … does it feel farfetched, or … does it feel totally impossible?

How do you figure it out on your own before you and everyone around you starts to panic? You must do your own research. What is the basis for what they’re saying? What is the goal? Is it an agenda? Is it even true? If it feels like it is not true chances are it’s a lie. It’s like hearing an enticing ad on TV and going out immediately without reading any reviews on the product and buying it, only to find out the product is faulty, or you paid too much. How does that make you feel? This is called buyer’s remorse because you made an emotional decision based on blind faith.

So, why are you buying into everything you are told without doing your own research before you make a decision and blindly comply with whatever you are told? That’s not a good character trait, it’s a character flaw.


  • Beware, once you fall into the trap of believing everything on its surface value you are going down a road that will be hard to come back from.
  • It’s time to wake up from the road of total domination that happened to you from years of manipulation.
  • If you refuse to do your research before making a decision, you have relinquished your free will.

HOW IT WORKS: Fear prevents you from seeing what’s really going on – making you easy to manipulate. Manipulation and exaggeration go hand-in-hand. Manipulation controls you. Exaggerations are like gossip; it draws you in emotionally. Both make things up and spin the truth. You can only be pulled into this if you are operating at a lower frequency. Fear is the lowest frequency and love is the highest. So, as society becomes more restless, rather than picking sides, do your own research to find the truth. The Guides always say that truth and love are the same things – you will recognize these by the way they feel and know when you are being manipulated. ~ Linda Deir