The Risk You Need To Take

Guided Journey

In this episode, I will talk about the risk you are taking by living the life you always have …  is greater than the risk you need to take.

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Linda Deir talks about The Risk You Need To TakeI took my first risk when I ran away from home at 20 months old, only to be returned by two police officers later that same day to the abusive mother I escaped from.

With her next round of abuse, I then found myself completely out of options, when I woke up on the floor and cried out loud for someone to help me. That’s when they” appeared. They, my Spirit Guides appeared to me as that familiar love and the friends that I knew from somewhere else. Calm and steady, they did not treat me like a helpless baby, but open and ready for their guidance.

These Spirit Guides knew everything about me and my purpose here. That was the bond upon which our relationship would build. From that otherwise hopeless childhood, it turned out to be the early training that prepared me for “a world to come.” A world that demanded that I not take things personally, that I know and trust myself, not needing validation from others, following my guidance without hesitation enabling me to pivot on a dime, seeing things for what they are without the hype while doing what I loved. This is what prepared me for the world we find ourselves in today.

In the eyes of others, my way of living is unconventional, but it has never been unconventional to me.

The world we all find ourselves in now will require that you do unconventional things because as you continue to do the same things from your past, you will find yourself running out of options and time. If you are convinced that this life is not all there is, then fear will lose its grip on you.

Why would you exchange another day of your life for what “appears” to be more important than what you are doing right now? I have an analogy for this, right now there’s an open door in front of you. You are going through that door. The question is, will you walk through it willingly, or wait to get pushed?

In the mid-1980s, I experienced a massive shift in my own life. It came unexpectedly although I felt unsettled for years. I welcomed this shift, but it was not without consequences. Over the preceding decades, many people I knew as friends and family would end their relationship with me. They were not comfortable when I willingly walked through my open door. They chose to stay behind because this looked too risky for them. That’s because they felt alone and without the support of their own Spirit Guides.

Always guided and never alone, I remained open to where I was being guided by my lifelong advisors, my Spirit Guides.

I was guided to write books that help others in these uncertain times. The relationship I have with my Spirit Guides is so well-developed that I am inspired to help you identify with your own Spirit Guides, learn to detect them, interpret their messages and take action as you build this valued rapport with them. Your Spirit Guides are ready when you are ready to walk through your own open door together. ~ Linda Deir

I read the closing message from my Spirit Guides to all humanity, as written at the end of, Guided …

“We speak for our Infinite Legions. You are never alone. Just as we saved an unwanted, unloved, and abused little girl, we bring hope and help to each who asks for our guidance. Our dedication to you is how we fulfill our soul’s destiny. We believe in you so strongly that one of us materialized in front of Linda so you could believe (on the front cover of this book, Guided). By asking for our help, your life will change in an instant. We are here. You must ask. Walk with Us.”

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