Where Do You Look for Meaning in Your Life

Guided Journey

  • The takeaway from this episode is … you were born with the intention of living a meaningful life, or you wouldn’t have come here.
  • Here’s what this will do for you … contemplate how it would feel to do one thing that feels meaningful to you.
  • Here’s what I want you to do with it … write down what feels meaningful before you act on it, so you won’t forget about it before you have a chance to live it.


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Linda Deir took this photograph of her Spirit Guide Angel when they appeared to her at Christmas time 1994About Linda's Weekly Guided Insights





Where do you look for meaning in your life or, do you even bother? 

Are you like a piece of driftwood floating down the stream, not knowing where you are going? This is what it’s like when you allow life to happen to you, lacking all passion or connection to it.

Well, doesn’t life just happen to everyone? No, some people seek out the meaning and purpose and take action in that direction. However, most people think that life is about getting a job so they can pay their bills. Next, they get married and have more financial obligations. Then, they start a family. Soon these financial obligations become their prison and dictate the meaning of their life. Now, your meaning is to get a better job to make even more money so you can accumulate and consume more stuff that you want but don’t need.

So, where do you look for meaning in your life? If you haven’t found it, how do you get it? Here’s how to recognize when you have it, and when you don’t.

If only you had discovered your purpose and meaning earlier in life before your life defaulted into what you were told to do. Maybe your purpose was to not have any of these trappings of accumulation. Maybe it was to buy a good camera and travel the world, getting paid to take wonderful photographs. Maybe your meaning was to find something you were passionate about; art, music, construction, or maybe becoming a doctor or a scientist.

Once you allow life to send you downstream like a piece of driftwood you have abandoned all chances of discovering your purpose. The farther downstream you allow your life to go the longer it takes to swim back upstream. It doesn’t get easier as time goes by, so stop the madness before you become the madness.

What you do today is important, because you exchanged another day of your life for it.


HOW IT WORKS: No one came into this life just to pay bills. That’s ridiculous. However, when you look around, that is mostly what you see. It didn’t start out that way, but before long, one thing leads to the next, like that piece of driftwood, and you find yourself in a life that lacks all meaning. You find yourself stuck in a job, relationships, and commitments that cause you to forget about what really mattered to you. However, you continue to be reminded because of that relentless void, an emptiness that can’t seem to get fulfilled. This can only happen when you don’t know yourself – that’s where the void is coming from. It’s reminding you that you are missing your life.

Start by asking yourself, where do you look for meaning in your life?

When you know yourself, you trust yourself no matter what everyone else is doing. When you trust yourself, you don’t need anyone’s validation. Following your passion is easy and natural. When you follow your inner knowing, there is no struggle, life is a fantastic adventure that leads you in the right direction every time, at just the right time. You have help and you are following it effortlessly. This comes from having a working relationship with your Spirit Guides. They help you achieve exactly what brought you into this life in the first place – your real meaning and purpose for being here. ~ Linda Deir