What to Expect in 2021
  • The takeaway from this episode is … you will have a plan to formulate for 2021.
  • Here’s what this will do for you … without a plan, you will flounder as the confusion gets louder.
  • Here’s what I want you to do with it … once you make a decision, a plan, stick to it regardless of the consequences.


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Linda Deir took this photograph of her Spirit Guide Angel when they appeared to her at Christmas time 1994
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Do not allow the fear of consequences to control you.

Last December 30th of 2019 we gave you an insight entitled, “2020, How this New Year will be Different.” It revolved around the same old tradition, out with the old year and in with the new. But this time we told you it would be different than all the years before, it would revolve around, “out with the old you and in with the new you.”

At that time, it sounded good that you would be becoming a new you. Nobody had a clue about what the consequences would be as you were becoming this “new you’ and the changes the new you would have to endure to bring this about.

We told you, at that time, that faking your way through life would no longer be an option.

You wouldn’t be able to continue to do all the things you mindlessly did, year after year after year expecting the next year to be an extension of the last one.

We told you that you would find a way out of your old life and that you should delve into creativity going forward.

Being creative with your talents, or your money, or your social life, and your living situations. Look what happened … nobody expected it to be such a huge change.

We also told you that you would be required to have patience in 2020. That you would have to remain focused and align yourself with who you really are. Get real with yourself. That you would have to choose what kind of person you are.

2020 showed you a year filled with massive amounts of scams, fakes, and frauds. It was no accident that this happened throughout the year. It was meant to get your attention. Evil forces of greed and power fed off your doubt and fears. This showed you to yourself, loud and clear. It was like a large boil of corruption, lies, propaganda, and censorship bubbling up to the surface of society, that now must be dealt with in 2021 and beyond.

How will you, this new you … do this? First, you must realize it’s time to choose what you stand for and take a stand. Decide how you will live your life going forward. Will it be in fear or in confidence? We want you to visualize, from clarity, what your life will become if you allow the manipulation of 2020 to continue in 2021.

This coming year, 2021, is the year that you will decide what you stand for.


  • Look at everything that affected you in 2020, along with its consequences, to realize what you learned.
  • Decide what consequences you will no longer accept in your life.
  • Do deeper research on your own; outside of the mainstream news and politics to see your choices about how you want to live your life from now on.

HOW IT WORKS: Review what happened in 2020 and decide if you want more of that in 2021. Last month’s webinar, November 28th, 2020, was entitled, “The Light Beings – Humanity is at a Tipping Point.” This webinar describes what humanity will experience in 2021 and how it will be a game-changer for everyone.

So, how do you take the first steps?

The first steps will begin with writing in your journal about how you summarize 2020. Make a new journal entry for each major point. Upon review of all these points, you will see for yourself where this is all pointing you to go – what you stand for and how to live it. ~ Linda Deir