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“What if you had a 15-minute meeting every day with your Spirit Guides? How would that change your life?

Well, what if you had a 15-minute meeting every day with your children or a best friend? How would that change their lives? Would you feel a sense of better understanding with them? Would you feel closer to them and better understand them and their lives?

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It’s not that people don’t do this occasionally with their children, friends or family members, it’s just that it’s not a regular thing. In just 15minutes a day you can solve all your problems, all your suffering, all your doubt and fear about the future, and eliminate the struggle in your life that dominates your actions.

Here are the steps you must take Daily to have this most important meeting with your Spirit Guides:

  1. Find a 15minute block of time where you are by yourself. It could be early in the morning, late at night, or during your workday when you could go out to your car where it’s quiet for 15minutes. Or, better yet, you could go to a park on your lunch break and sit by yourself in a quiet place for 15minutes.
  2. If you desire to learn this, you can always find someplace to go where you are alone and uninterrupted for 15minutes. The first thing you do when you find this quiet spot is close your eyes and take deep breaths. Allow your breathing to become regular and quiet.
  3. Sense what’s happening around you; the sounds, the smells, the breeze, the sun on your back. This is how you become present in the moment. Unlike meditation, you are not “trying” to rid your mind of all thoughts. By the way, “trying” is a futile attempt. However, you do need to control your monkey mind thoughts so you can observe the thoughts coming through.
  4. Once you are concentrated on your breathing allowing you to become present in-the-moment, ask a question. Ask a question about something that’s going on in your life right now that you need clarity about. Start by asking your question – leading it with the word “why.” For example, if you’re having trouble at work with your co-workers, or a task you have been assigned – ask your Spirit Guides, “Why you are having this trouble.” Do not think of an answer because anything you could think would be a pre-judgment and not what your Spirit Guides are telling you. Nothing you could guess would be the correct answer to your question, that would just be you answering your question, and not the answer from your Spirit Guides.
  5. If after taking the steps above you are still unable to give over the control to your Spirit Guides, ask your question again. Close your eyes, breathe and just be in the moment. When you hear the Spirit Guides answer, write it down in your journal immediately.
  6. Now that you have the answer ask your next question. How does the answer make you feel? Is it a revelation or is it something you thought you already knew? Or, is it shocking and something you would have never considered? Remain neutral because the answer is neither good nor bad, it is just the answer.
  7. Next, ask yourself what you now realize because of this answer? You may realize that you couldn’t ever have figured it out on your own, or it may sound so simple that you think it couldn’t possibly be that easy. But you did realize something … so write that down!
  8. Finally, write down the action you are going to take today, even if it’s a small action in order to move toward implementing the answer you received to your question.

My Guided Journey, companion journal to GUIDED
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  • 15 minutes a day with your Spirit Guides will change your life.
  • You don’t like asking others for advice because they wouldn’t know any more than you do, and you fear they may judge you.
  • Start doing this routine for 30-days and go back and review all the marvelous guidance that came through that you would have missed.”

HOW IT WORKS: Do you want to stop feeling alone, like when no one cares or understands you? Are you always in a hurry, feeling pushed to do things, or be someone people expect you to be? You are a perfect candidate to start a 15minute daily ritual with your Spirit Guides. No one knows you better than your Spirit Guides. They see the pressure you are under and the distractions consuming your life. They have the solutions that will get your life back on track. All you need to do is take that 15minute timeout to reconnect with your Spirit Guides to get your life back on track. Do this every single day. Write down the answers you receive from your Spirit Guides in your journal to see the big picture. Your life is about to change for the better in every single way. This journal is customized for you to “Make the Connection” to your Spirit Guides: My Guided Journey. ~ Linda Deir

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