When You Miss the Guidance | Linda Deir -author, speaker, transition coach, trainer

“Why is it that most people miss our guidance?

We are broadcasting it to you all the time and there are certainly many times each day where the guidance would have made your life easier.

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How do you keep missing it? The answer is easy, it’s due to all the distractions that swirl around you. It’s almost like a tornado of distractions happening during your waking hours.

What do you think of in the morning as soon as you wake up? For most people, it’s their list of what they have to do that day while trying to put them into an order where you could get them all done with the time you have. If you run out of time by late afternoon or early evening you just keep on working and working until you drop over dead tired. This is how you miss our guidance.

Over time, this repetition makes you feel like a robot.

Take a look at your life and see how often this happens. What are the things that trigger these distractions that eat up all your time? If you make a list of the distractions in your life you will start to see patterns. The biggest problem is these patterns have become habits, they are habits you cannot seem to break.

These habits are destructive and must be broken. However, if you can’t identify them you won’t be able to address them.

What is it you do each day that are the biggest time wasters? Once you discover what they are, write down how much time they take up from your life. Now you can see where to start to eliminate some of these distractions or shorten the amount of time you spend on them. This is how you will begin to get your time back.”

At first, all we are looking for is 15 minutes of time where you can stop and be in a quiet place, even if it’s sitting in your car. Get away from the monotony of the distractions. It’s during these 15 minutes that you can close your eyes and breathe and concentrate on listening for the guidance.

Ask us your most important questions in a “why” format. You are listening for the answers to these “why” questions because that’s where the clarity lies. It’s not about what you are doing on a daily basis, it’s WHY you are doing it. To begin to see this for yourself, write your questions and our answers in your journal.

To justify a life filled with distractions, most people make themselves look busy, or say they need to spend all their time doing “this or that” because people depend on them. What about you? If you work yourself into the ground it will certainly affect your health and then you will be much less effective working with others.

You must learn to take this 15 minute break and breathe and take care of yourself first before you can be fully effective in taking care of others. And, these others must learn to respect your quiet time and by example; show them how you both benefit from it.


  • Everybody has the same amount of time each day to do whatever they want, however …
  • It’s in the “wanting” that the problems exist.
  • Find the time-wasting distractions in your life and cut them back or cut them out.

HOW IT WORKS: If you get up each day without your 15 minutes of quiet time, then you will most likely miss your guidance. Many times, in your 15 minutes of quiet time, you will receive your first hit of guidance without realizing it. It will come back around like an inspiration that fills you with excitement. This is what it feels like to be connected – connected to yourself first, and then your team of Spirit Guides, Angels, and others you have a connection to. BUT, you must take that 15 minutes to reconnect before your feet touch the floor and ground you out, once again. ~ Linda Deir

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