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Linda Deir took this photograph of her Spirit Guide Angel when they appeared to her at Christmas time 1994About Linda's Weekly Guided Insights





Regret is a feeling of sadness. A life “without regret” is uncompromising. 

By eliminating some of the information from your decision-making you narrowed the outcome causing a less than stellar experience in your life. These regrets are little pieces of inaction or indecision that altered your future. You know you could have done better. Not doing your best is where regrets will surface reminding you of this. You realized that at the time but may have told yourself, oh, that’s going to be alright anyway.

You must consider all the information before making a decision, so you never have to experience regrets.

A life without regret is a guilt-free life.

You can’t expect to have the answer the moment a question or situation arises. If you did, it would be a forced decision based on old information having little to do with the present circumstances. The right information will be sent to you from us, at just the right time, but the timing is not up to you.

Consider all the information before making a decision. Let go of any attachment to an outcome or how you want it to be. In this self-created void, the information will come to you. As the receiver, you must remain aware and present, so you won’t miss it.

When you do not panic or react, the truth will come through you, not from you.


We can help you live a life without regret so you never have to experience regrets again, but you must be present. Being present happens the moment you stop wanting. 

HOW IT WORKS: Expecting to have the answers with the wrong information is the source of all stress. There really are no problems if you don’t panic. Employing the assistance of your Spirit Guides and Angels is the answer to all of your challenges. Yes, I said ALL! This really works. So, don’t wait until you are desperate for answers, start now and watch your life improve as you trust this powerful interaction with your Guides. With their help, you can live a life without regret. ~ Linda Deir




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