What it Feels Like to be Disconnected from your Guides
  • The takeaway from this episode is … you will know how to harness the guidance you have been missing.
  • Here’s what this will do for you … you will instantly be able to identify what it feels like to be disconnected from your Guides, so you can course correct and reconnect.
  • Here’s what I want you to do with it … to master this connection you must write it down when it happens even when you doubt it.


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Linda Deir took this photograph of her Spirit Guide Angel when they appeared to her at Christmas time 1994About Linda's Weekly Guided Insights






You are always receiving guidance from your Spirit Guides.

Most people don’t realize what guidance is or where it’s coming from. It’s easy to think that this guidance is just random thoughts popping into your head. This makes it easy to dismiss. However, if you are always receiving guidance why are you not recognizing it as such?

You receive guidance in many ways; in your dreams, or something someone says to you, the lyrics of a song at just the right time, or you connect with our messages telepathically. These are not something you are making up. These are all important messages being delivered to you by intention from us.

Now, hearing the guidance and acting on it right away are different issues. Most of the time it’s the fear that disconnects you from acting on the guidance. This happens when you start to doubt what it is you are receiving, your life doesn’t change, and doubt becomes fear. Fear is what keeps you frozen and unable to make the decision to follow your guidance. It all resides in your disconnection to your Spirit Guides and your Higher Self.

If you don’t recognize that you have Spirit Guides, then intentionally listening for what they are telling you is probably not a priority in your life. This is why the pain won’t stop. This is why you can make the best intentions or resolutions to change, but nothing ever changes. In fact, life becomes more difficult and less enjoyable.

Making the connection to your Spirit Guides is the most important thing you can do in your life.

You need to re-establish this connection that you had when you first arrived as a baby. A baby, a new person, is never more connected to their guidance than when they first arrive. The indoctrination of fear derails the soul and knocks it off track, causing the child to learn things that are wrong. The consequence is that they unwittingly base all their decisions on that early trauma throughout the rest of their lives. No wonder people are so off-track and disconnected.

The first thing you must do to re-establish your connection to guidance is to accept that it’s happening all the time, all around you, in multiple ways. Next, you must start being aware of it, looking for it … was that guidance I just received? … or was that an idea that just popped into my head? It could have been both. It depends on how it’s perceived. If you receive guidance and only acknowledge the guidance that pleases you it’s probably not guidance, rather, it’s how you want the future to turn out and would like it to be.

Receiving guidance requires that you stop the panic in your life and get calm. Unwind, bringing you into the present moment. Then, breathe deeply and relax so you can hear the guidance – listening with intention. What you hear you must write down in your journal otherwise your Spirit Guides may have to remind you several times before you see it as guidance and not random thoughts. It’s only by writing it down that you bring it into this world. That’s when you will start to see the programs and patterns that have created your life so far, as opposed to the guidance we are always sending you.

Here’s what we do when you haven’t been listening …

Even though you may receive much guidance you still have free will and your Spirit Guides cannot force you to follow any of it. When they see you doing this, that is avoiding the guidance you need to follow, they will bring more guidance in the form of challenges, warning signs, and putting up red flags right in front of you to let you know you are going in the wrong direction. If you still don’t listen, your life becomes something like driving the wrong way on the expressway. Eventually, you get hit head-on and you finally stop. Don’t let it get to this point.

If your life isn’t working out how you had anticipated, then you know that it’s time for you to open up and listen for our messages. If you don’t, you will continue to feel this disconnection to your Spirit Guides causing the hole in your soul to grow.


  • The pain in your life will not end until you stop and listen.
  • Everything you are receiving and thinking about is guidance.
  • It’s even more important that you write everything down, so you can see the patterns that have taken you off course.

HOW IT WORKS: People always have questions they seek answers to. This relentless stream of questions makes you feel anxious. Eventually, you find yourself in a constant state of worry and doubt. Your life becomes a struggle and the connection to your Spirit Guides is broken.

Here’s how your Spirit Guides get your attention when you aren’t listening … causing you to miss the guidance making it impossible for them to reach you. After attempting to repeatedly get your attention, your Spirit Guides had no choice but to start sending you questions. These questions led you back to the guidance. It’s just another way of getting you there. When this becomes their only way of reaching you, you will think it came from you, which is why this is so effective. But, have no doubt, this is guidance.

Following your guidance will produce a much better life than you could have done on your own. Knowing the uneasy feeling you have when you are disconnected from your Spirit Guides, you now know what to do to stay connected. Staying connected is as simple as breathing, calming down, listening, and most importantly … writing down what came through you. Having a connection to your Guides is the by-product of this practice. It’s that simple. ~ Linda Deir