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Guided to real success. People are so happy and proud of themselves when they are experiencing success in their lives.

Linda Deir's talks about being GUIDED To Real SuccessThey even believe that they were the source of it. People think it was them who created every success in their lives when really, they were being GUIDED all along.

People are guided to real success when they are open to it, which is what allows it to happen in the first place.

However, although they are always guided they may not think about it or even believe it. The belief that it was their own efforts and talents alone that led them to success makes it all the more difficult and painful when they experience failure, have a setback, and can’t recreate that success on their own. What happened?

They assumed it was their own genius that brought about their successes. True genius is when people realize they are being guided. Like listening to the radio, they tune into their guidance all the time. Guidance is the gift that never stops giving. By accepting this guidance, they are granted access to the successes it brings. If a person realizes that they are guided to success and not the cause of it, they won’t try to hold onto any specific moment in time. These people always leave some room in their lives so they can respond to this guidance while it’s valid because all guidance has a shelf-life. Truly successful people listen, trust their guidance, and themselves and move in that direction without hesitating. This is the highest way of living your life.

A major hurdle to overcome is judging anything that happens in your life as good or bad and assigning the worth of your life to this judgment.

This is where things start to go wrong. The test comes when the easy ride of success comes to an end. At this point, if you are really being honest with yourself, you will admit that you were tired of that old life, that job, and the people anyway. Think back – you were being guided to make this shift long before that success came to an end.

Here’s how you position yourself to live a guided life no matter what. Never overextended yourself; not financially, or personally by allowing the people in your life to keep you stuck by demanding that you be and do the same things you always have, be controlled by your ego, worried about what others will think or do, or be afraid to do new things. If you have overextended yourself in any of these ways your first priority is to deal with it by facing it head-on. Don’t worry about the consequences because there will be consequences no matter which way you go. The goal is the get you back on track so you are not being strangled by past obligations that no longer fit and will only lead you into a life of regrets. Look all around you, you will see people who sink into this as they become resentful.

When you are guided you are free to follow your urges and experience the full spectrum of living your life fully. This is not derived out of selfishness, but taking the high road by allowing yourself to move into what is right for you to do as you perfect living in the moment and going with the flow. This is not something anyone has ever shown you. There are no role models for this, so don’t look for them.

The opposite of living a guided life is when you believe, that you alone, are the reason for your success and that success is all about making money at any cost.

You live every day of your life by a scorecard and a bottom line. You will feel humiliated by any kind of change when it affects your money machine and your ego takes a hit. You believe that something happened “to” you that stopped your success and the blame and shame begin.

This is where people freeze-up and are no longer open to the natural flow of life, where the pure source of guidance comes from. Instead of going with the flow, they stop listening, become sour on life, and constantly talk about their past success stories. These stories are now the glue that keeps them stuck in the past, unable to tap into the guidance that originally brought them those successes. That original success has now become a curse instead of a stepping-stone into future successes. They have based their entire self-worth on past successes and material things.

Now, all the stuff they bought to show the world how successful they were has become a trap. Focusing on how they will continue to pay for all that stuff, they commit themselves to a life of debt slavery instead of listening to how their guidance is showing them how to reinvent themselves. Their guidance is telling them that their old life is over and to let go so they can gracefully move into what they are being guided to do next, building on their experiences to become more than they ever imagined. This is by far more exciting than the life you had planned. This is the excitement of living a GUIDED life. ~ Linda Deir

Looking back, when did you realize you were being guided? Share your experiences below.

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