The story of your life – fact or fiction. People allow their thoughts, belief...

“The story of your life – fact or fiction. People allow their thoughts, beliefs, and stories to define who they are. 

You have ingrained belief systems and thought patterns you repeat endlessly. Also, you tell the same stories of your past to people you meet, especially when you meet them for the first time.

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People, in an attempt to be cordial, ask about what you do. You invariably respond by telling them what you did long ago, “When I was senior vice president of (a certain company) in New York…and then you lose them. By repeating all the stories of what you see as your “glory days” you never allow anyone to really know who you are.

Is the story of your life, fact or fiction? Or, is it just where you stopped learning and growing?

All these stories, worn-out beliefs, and rusty thought patterns become the glue that keeps you stuck in your past. Suppose you also like to paint, play music, or write; but you never tell anyone that’s who you are because you never made any money at it?

You continue to define your success in life by how much money you made doing it. Perhaps one day you will become a famous, writer, artist, or musician and start to make a living at it; maybe making more money than you ever did doing anything else. Now, who do you tell people you are? All of a sudden all the old stories stop.

People say, how wonderful it is that you are such a great author, artist, or musician but you were always that great author, artist or musician. The only difference now is you make money at it.

The story of your life, fact or fiction. Who are you really? Are you the person who tells people what you love to do, or are you the person who still lives in their  outdated stories from a time long ago?”


  • You are not what you do in order to make money.
  • Most people never do what they love or are passionate about it.
  • Stop the story-telling unless you are a fiction writer.

How It Works: Imagine your life when making money is no longer your focus. To get a glimpse of what that might look like – it’s the daily chess game in the park, the yoga class, the art you are working on, the books you love reading or writing. These are the things you love to do but very few associate any of this with deriving a career out of them. When you do the things that make you feel good you are being authentic. To live in the moment – live your life doing what you love, without expectations, and do it where you fit in and are appreciated. The story of your life – fact or fiction, is all up to you, imagine that!. ~ Linda Deir

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