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Guided Journey

  • The takeaway from this episode is … you will see where you are in each twenty-year cycle of your life.
  • Here’s what this will do for you … understanding where you’ve been – will make it possible to see where you’re going.
  • Here’s what I want you to do with it … breakout your 20-year cycles – what you’ve lived and what you intend to live in the next 20-year cycle. Write this all down in your journal to understand how this works.


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NOTE: The “italic text” within this post is channeled from Linda’s Spirit Guides and Angels

Everyone’s life runs in cycles of 20-years.

The first 20-years of your life, from the time you get here until 20-years old is a cycle of learning and experiencing. You are new here and whatever you had planned ahead of time, once you got here, may or may not work out the way you imagined it. It’s in these moments of faint lucidity that you recall planning something important before you came into this life.

However, as soon as you arrived here in this life, people start teaching you how things are done in this world.

None of this seemed to satisfy the many questions you asked as a young child. Soon, your parents got tired of you asking so many why questions and cut you off with empty answers like “I’m the parent, that’s why,” ” It’s the law, that’s why,” “It’s the way it’s always been, that’s why.”

For the first 20-years, you accumulated learning, information, and experiences.

It was in your experiences that you got your real answers, but those answers only had value to you – if you trusted yourself. That would set the stage for the next cycle, from 20 to 40-years old. What you do and how you approach this second cycle depends on how you perceived what you learned and experienced in the first 20-year cycle. This includes the belief systems you developed around what you were taught and told.  

Your first 20-year cycle could have been pleasant and happy, or challenging and difficult. This is all you have to go on as you entered the second 20-years cycle. So, how do you perceive it will go for the next 20-years?

Your 19th year is a critical turning point in your life. What you decide at age 19 and how you direct your energy at that age will determine the impact you have over the next 20-years.

So, by the time you get to your third 20-year cycle, several things become obvious. You look back at how the last 40-years turned out. You review what you learned in the first 20 and how it influenced the second 20. Did it work out according to plan, or not? What setbacks and disappointments did you experience and what did you learn? What trials and accomplishments did you experience?

All this history from the first 40-years will have a strong bearing halfway through the third cycle. That’s between age 50 to 52-years old when big changes are destined to occur in your life. People get divorced, their kids are grown and leave, you may lose your job and feel unemployable, you live in a big house that you never thought you’d feel negative about. You may develop diseases at this point, due to negative thinking from the first 50-years. This is a turning point, a second chance to turn yourself around, so you can course correct for the second half of the third cycle (from 50 to 60-years old).

Are you going to allow the second half of this third cycle to turn out like the first half of your life?

How do you feel about your purpose? It’s at this second half of your life that you begin to question who you really are and why you are here. What is the nagging feeling you have about what you were supposed to do but haven’t done it yet? You must address this and figure it by the time you reach the fourth cycle, from 60 to 80-years old, because that is the time when you will have your greatest impact, or revel in the fruits of your labors as you reach your next and most important peak, or realize what you missed and should have started doing a long time ago.

It’s the prelude to the 5th 20-year cycle starting at 80-years old. It’s at that cycle when you have time to look back and review your life. Did you lead a life of contribution derived from your natural talents and gifts with a strong purpose? If you lived up to your highest potential, there will be no regrets. This is what your soul intended.

CALL TO ACTION: Start your Self-Examination

  • Write down what the previous 20-year cycle(s) have shown you about your life by describing your choices, lessons, and experiences.

  • Now, write down the inner urge that you feel to accomplish something that’s important to you before you run out of time.

  • Upon reviewing what you wrote down you will understand how each cycle has been building momentum for the next, so you have more going for you – increasing your odds to accomplish what you came here to do. 

HOW IT WORKS: No matter what you achieved, or not, the first 50-years of your life pales in comparison to the next 50, or so. Until hitting that halfway point many people haven’t had time to think about all this. They were not running their life; life was running them.

My work is about helping the ones who can be reached before they make another life decision that hinders them. The programming from the first 20-years was so intense that many people unwittingly continue making decisions from fear-based reactions. This keeps you small. That’s not who you really are at all. To realize your purpose here you must go back to the first 20-year cycle to expose the conflict. Only then will you be capable of making the necessary course correction putting you back on your path, so you can get around to why you came here in the first place. However, that can only happen when you trust yourself. ~ Linda Deir




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