Are You Having a Breakdown? | Linda Deir -author, speaker, transition coach, trainer

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  • The takeaway from this episode is … you will learn about what leads up to a breakdown.
  • Here’s what this will do for you … breakdowns are more common than most people realize but there is an option.
  • Here’s what I want you to do with it … stimulate your mental wellness, start a daily journal writing routine, so you have breakthroughs instead of breakdowns.


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NOTE: The “italic text” within this post is channeled from Linda’s Spirit Guides and Angels

First, you must identify the type of breakdown you may be having.

We will help you identify the various types of breakdowns so you can identify it before it gets out of control. Some breakdowns are easier to identify than others.

Here are four types of breakdowns:

  1. You may be heading for a physical breakdown when you are exhausted and can’t go on. You need immediate rest and relaxation, a break, or a vacation. Make time to get away from everything that makes you feel stressed out. Only then can you see the problem.
  2. You could be having an emotional breakdown when you just can’t cope anymore. Take this scenario seriously before it turns into a feeling that you are drowning and helpless to save yourself.
  3. A psychological breakdown can occur when you feel that you can’t think straight anymore. Your attention span is shot. This is due to mental exhaustion. You have become numb from being overtired and stressed out for far too long. Give yourself a break!
  4. Some people have a mental breakdown. These people just shut down and mentally turn off from their life.

Breakdowns resemble your computer when it needs a reboot. Your system gets clogged up with everything you’ve been putting your computer through and one day it jams up. It has become unreliable. You lose speed, you lose momentum in your work, the system crashes, doing things it normally wouldn’t do. It requires cleaning the entire system to get back to optimum performance.

Regardless of the type of breakdown you are having, or are beginning to have, it started with compromise. When you compromise your health, you are headed for a physical breakdown. The same applies to the truth your feelings have been attempting to tell you. When you don’t listen to the truth your feelings are conveying, you get swallowed up in emotions causing you to compromise in a certain situation. This compromise will lead to emotional and possibly physical troubles.

Some people don’t realize they’re headed for a breakdown if they continue the way they are. There’s even a phrase for it, “he or she is on the verge of a breakdown.” How is it that you can’t see it when other people can? It’s because you can’t see it when you’re in it, so you don’t think it’s even possible. To you, your life is the same as it has always been, then one day you snap, and instantly feel the full brunt of a breakdown.

How quickly you recover from a breakdown is up to you:

  • First, you must admit you had one.
  • Second, you must realize how it happened, then go back and observe the situation or situations that led up to the breakdown.
  • Third, you must create a plan to remedy this by avoiding those situations or people who trigger unhealthy responses in you. It could mean changing jobs, simplifying your life, changing your diet, and/or getting out of a toxic relationship, or relationships that set you up for yet another breakdown.

Start a journal documenting your life to study the areas where you have compromised. Hint: when the compromise began you thought something was more important than you were. Nothing could be that important if they cause any of these breakdown scenarios. The upside of any type of breakdown is that once you are through it and have a plan, you have made a breakthrough!

CALL TO ACTION: Start your Self-Examination

  • Most people don’t see a breakdown coming, which is why it’s important to write in your journal for 15 minutes daily.
  • Many do not realize they had a breakdown even when it happens. That’s because you can’t see it when you’re in it.
  • Breakdowns can come in many fashions and are resolved in similar ways.

HOW IT WORKS: In my autobiography, GUIDED, chapter 22, I talk about the time I had a breakdown. I didn’t even know I had one until one day at the gym I heard my Guides say, “you had a breakdown.” This totally caught me off-guard. I was shocked to hear it. It literally stopped me in my tracks. It had been nine months since I sold our businesses and got out of a stressful marriage. I was getting a lot of rest because I had the time and peace to heal. But I had no idea I had a breakdown. I had both a physical and psychological breakdown, that the Guides described above. The best part of their message was that I “had” a breakdown. I experienced firsthand that you won’t know you had a breakdown until you are on the other side of it – until you are through it!

Work through your own spiritual solution to identify the breakdown you feel coming and resolve it before it takes you past the point of no return. The point of no return doesn’t mean you won’t return, it means that you identify it and remedy it before it takes over your life. My lesson was to never allow any unhealthy situation to persist in my life again. Like the computer … clean out your life, if, and whenever necessary to maintain optimum performance. ~ Linda Deir



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