Karmic Madness

Guided Journey

  • The takeaway from this episode is … you came here to correct the karma from other lifetimes, not create more.
  • Here’s what this will do for you … you will understand how to get it right in this lifetime.
  • Here’s what I want you to do with it … every time you feel the urge to do something that causes more karma, write it in your journal. This will be your second chance to rethink it before you add more karma.


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What is karmic madness and how do you control it?

Karmia occurs between your arrival into this life and departure out of it. Everything in between is considered karmic madness. It’s unfinished business from previous lifetimes. Karmic madness in this lifetime is driven by your ego. It’s these ego-driven desires that keep you chasing things throughout your life.

Society programs individuals with a sense of lack, aggravating the potential for more karma.

It’s a feeling of lack that tells you there’s always something else you want to learn, or buy, or follow that promises to make you happy sometime in the future, yet everything you chase never seems to happen the way you expected, or if it does, it fails to provide that promise of lasting happiness.

Karma is a process of cause and effect … what comes around goes around. A cycle that keeps you stuck in karmic madness.

Eventually, some people will realize that chasing things outside of themselves is a waste of time. Meanwhile, during this relentless chasing, people build up a lot of karma, adding to the karma they brought with them.

The urge to finish the previous karmic business brings on a feeling of urgency. They are so desperate to accomplish a goal or an outcome that they will do almost anything to fill this lack. This process involves stepping on other people; being inconsiderate of their feelings or what their actions do to them. Many people are downright evil in their actions toward others to get what they want. How could people assume that treating people this way could gain them any type of happiness, let alone healing the karma?

We will show you the shortcut through this karmic madness …

Stop chasing all things outside of you in your search for happiness like more money, a new partner, a better job, or a new car. Contrary to things bringing sustainable happiness, you will find yourself over-burdened and over-extended. You become a slave chasing more and more to either pay for or maintain all the things you have compiled.

Here’s how you avoid this endless cycle of karmic madness. First, stop panicking. Realize that everything you need you brought with you, all the talents and gifts that are unique to you. You have them so you can use them rather than desiring something else.

Use your gifts and talents in these ways:

  • Start looking at others in a more loving and compassionate manner.
  • Stop judging others who are not like you.
  • Stop being envious and jealous of anyone who has something you wish you had. Chances are they are not happy either.
  • Never chase anything out in the future, you are only here right now in the present moment. Make each present moment the best you can and then string the next, and the next, and the next present moment together until you reach an even temperament in the present – a steady tolerance in the present moment. This will help you to stop wanting. 
  • Finally, be nice to everyone you meet. It may be hard for some of you to do this based on your past behavior, but this is the way that you cut off the buildup of karma. You nip it in the bud before it shows up. Start doing these two things and let us know how they’re working for you – be nice to everyone and show love and compassion.

Karmic madness is the ingredients in the center of your sandwich between your arrival and departure from this world.


  • Stop chasing things that are out of your reach because this will only cause you to do things that add to your karma.
  • Start living in the moment with love and compassion for others and yourself so the karmic buildup can stop.
  • Write in your journal every day so you have a way to reflect on your thoughts, choices, and actions.

HOW IT WORKS: Be mindful of your actions. Take a pause before you react to anything or anyone. Most people are not yet aware of the damage they are recklessly doing to themselves by running over others to get what they want. There’s no law against this behavior, so you may be perceived as an oddball when you stop doing this.

You really did bring all the talents and gifts with you when you first arrived. These talents and gifts feel so natural to you that you take them for granted, doubting they have any value at all. This will expose how little you value your true self, know yourself, trust yourself, and love yourself.

When you are not using your talents and gifts your life is a struggle. You will know this when you have the relentless feeling that you want everything now. It’s a feeling of desperation and emptiness that can’t seem to be fulfilled. It won’t be fulfilled as long as you are chasing it and looking for it out there somewhere, anywhere. By the way, this is learned behavior and not who you really are. Go back to the beginning where this dysfunction was originally learned so you can release it and bring your real self back, along with its talents and gifts. This is where you will find your purpose, love, and compassion – your original equipment – YOU! ~ Linda Deir




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