People are in a holding pattern. They don’t know who to believe or which way to go.

“People are in a holding pattern because they don’t know who to believe or which way to go.

Ignoring your guidance by pretending that everything is going to be okay the way it is isn’t a strategy. You know in your gut that what you are hearing in the media is probably not the truth.

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It’s just news stories scrubbed for content designed to make you feel calm and willing to go along with the status quo.

The result is, people are in a holding pattern that keeps them stuck and feeling powerless. Here’s a vulnerability we see needs attention while breaking this pattern – something everyone should do but most haven’t.

Start with something as basic as storing some clean drinking water and food for you and your family. Everybody,  no matter how you are feeling about things, should have these basic essentials on hand. Consume it and replace it so it doesn’t exceed its expiration date. You don’t have to go out and buy thousands of dollars of food. Just buy a 60-day supply of what you usually eat and you will have nothing to worry about no matter what happens.

Consider your health. Is there anything that you will need in the future that you may not be able to get? You should certainly have plenty of that. Other than a roof over your head and a safe place to live; food, water, and your health are the major things you should be concerned about no matter what.

Don’t forget about your pets as they have needs too. They will need to be healthy in order to protect you and your family. We don’t want to see people in a holding pattern worried about the future. We want to see people prepared.

After you get this done most of your over-thinking and worrying will dimish. That’s because we will stop pestering you about it. After all, it was us, who in our attempt to get you to take action on getting these basic essentials in order, that made you feel uneasy inside.”


  • People have never been so concerned about what to do and when to do it. 
  • Get prepared and see how much better you will feel. 
  • Do nothing and try living a week without worrying. We bet you can’t do it.

How It Works: To resist these nudges and gut feelings coming from your guidance will only cause you to worry more, like a cloud hanging over your head. That’s because you know, deep inside, you need to do something – not resist it. Your grandparents always had a surplus of food, water, medical supplies and other practical things on hand. They didn’t live in these uncertain times, yet they took precautions. They didn’t rely on a government safety net, they had too much pride to take handouts. There’s no need to worry or panic, just listen to those feelings of uneasiness your guidance is sending you. People are in a holding pattern but they are not alone, your Spirit Guides are always by your side guiding you! ~ Linda Deir

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