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Guided Journey

  • The takeaway from this episode is … it’s uncertainty that keeps you in a constant state of turmoil.
  • Here’s what this will do for you … uncertainty becomes a moot point when you can hear the guidance that is constantly coming through. You have a choice.
  • Here’s what I want you to do with it … the outer world promotes uncertainty keeping you in a constant state of fear. Apply your free will to disarm this attack on you.

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NOTE: The “italic text” within this post is channeled from Linda’s Spirit Guides and Angels

How is it that some people live their entire life in a state of uncertainty? 

Like most people, they just accept it as part of life causing unnecessary fear and struggle. Going through your life in an uncertain manner prevents you from ever making good decisions about your future. You are stuck.

We are here to help you find ways you can acknowledge the uncertainty, then get rid of it.

First of all, we send you a lot of information about your life in your dreams. While many of you “say” you don’t remember your dreams, that’s not true. It’s just that the first thing you put into your head when you wake up is consumed with all the things you planned to do that day rather than concentrating on the messages we sent you throughout the night. If, before you get out of bed, you lay there in that semi-conscious state and reflect on what you remember from your dreams you will begin to make the connection. But you must write them down before your feet touch the floor. At first, you may not be able to remember much but you will get much better at it as you practice. What you remember and learn from your dreams must be written in your journal or it will be lost forever.

Journal writing is not just a repository of what happened in your life that day, but more an understanding of why it happened and how you felt about it.

Keeping a journal of all the guidance you are receiving will help you identify patterns in your life and break the old ones that are no longer benefiting you. Listen for our guidance throughout the day during those present moments and write them in your journal. We what you to relax and breathe deeply. Stay open to whatever comes through. Not all guidance will make you feel comfortable, yet it is guidance. If we let you know about something you should be doing, or not doing, and you didn’t want to hear it – that inconvenient truth doesn’t change the fact that it’s true. It could be a warning that you are going in the wrong direction, and you need to halt. It’s taking these course corrections that will help you get your life back on track.

Guidance is guidance and many times very different from what you had planned.

By writing down everything we send to you; what happened in a dream, in an event, a song you heard, someone said something you needed to know at that time. That person could be a stranger, a co-worker, or a family member who unwittingly served as an agent to deliver our guidance. It’s to be acknowledged and not judged. They are messages to heed. Next, write down the guidance you captured into your journal along with procrastination. It’s only by keeping a journal of daily guidance that you can review days, months, and years from now that you will be able to see what was developing and how taking that journey impacted the rest of your life.

Finally, you must not procrastinate about acting on the guidance. Procrastination just postpones the uncertainty, and the pain uncertainty brings, while the guidance loses its effectiveness. You must write down the guidance the moment it comes through and then take the action. Do something right away that takes you in the direction the guidance was pointing you to go.  They say that a journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step. So, each day you must take that first step toward acting on the guidance. Once you put this daily plan of writing our guidance in your journal and taking that first step, you will see that uncertainty no longer has a place in your life.

CALL TO ACTION: Start your Self-Examination

HOW IT WORKS: Living a life of uncertainty happens when you think you don’t have any other choice. You don’t know what to do to change things for the better which leads to more confusion making you feel powerless. You ask others for their opinion, but their advice doesn’t feel right to you. This is why writing the guidance in your journal that is always being sent to you is vital to ridding yourself of uncertainty. It works, but you must work it every day by documenting it. Do this journal writing for 15 minutes a day and you will see for yourself how your life starts to make sense. ~ Linda Deir




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