Speed Bumps on Your Way to Improvement
  • The takeaway from this episode is … expect speed bumps along the way to achieve real improvement.
  • Here’s what this will do for you … you will have a new appreciation for what seemed like a setback in your life.
  • Here’s what I want you to do with it … to learn everything you can from the speed bumps – do this.


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Do you have strong beliefs?

Are you stuck in your ways and slow to change? These are your speed bumps on the way to improving your life right now.

Would you consider yourself to have an open mind? An open mind is important when you want to improve. It’s a closed mind that makes you miss your life and keeps you stuck.

When you have an open mind, you are not confined by your rigid beliefs. An open mind allows you to experience new things and adapt much easier. It also prevents you from getting trapped by other peoples’ beliefs when they attempt to force them on you. Just remain open and listen to them without making any type of agreement or commitment to their beliefs. Don’t give it any energy; just listen and consider what they are saying as one of a myriad of possibilities.

Another thing to consider is making a decision to improve.

Most people intend to improve or would like to improve, but this isn’t any stronger than another fleeting New Year’s resolution. This is another speed bump on your way to improvement.

The intention you have is not very productive without a decision to take deliberate action, along with the means to get there. Also, what is your attitude regarding failure?

What if you fail to improve or make a mistake while trying to improve? Just because you didn’t get the outcome you wanted in a certain time frame or to a certain level doesn’t mean you have failed.

When you do have a setback don’t label it a failure, it’s just one of those speed bumps.

Some of the things you did were good, others didn’t work out so well. So, just do more of the things that worked and less of the things that didn’t. Speed bumps along the way will fortify you, making you more resilient when the successes do come.  


  • Don’t label a setback a failure, it’s just one of those speed bumps. Pause and open up to your guidance
  • Improvement is not a thing or a goal, it’s the by-product of how you live your life each day.
  • Do you do the things you have to do or choose to do? Think about why you do the things you believe you have to do. Do you really have to do them, or is your mind closed preventing you from looking at them in a different way?

HOW IT WORKS: The solutions to our problems are easier than we think. Don’t panic. Take a pause, then do the things that open you up to your guidance. Now, work on the easiest ones first. The solutions are easy to figure out because you’re not over-thinking them. Since you are not over-thinking everything, the challenging ones seem to resolve themselves. That’s because you released the pressure of needing to be right with the wrong information.

The speed bumps were there for a reason, to slow you down, open your mind, connect to your guidance, and give you a chance to rethink any situation with clarity. ~ Linda Deir