The Immune System Starts in Your Head | Linda Deir -author, speaker, transition coach, trainer

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NOTE: The “italic text” within this post is channeled from Linda’s Spirit Guides and Angels

If you want to live an optimal life it must be a balanced one.

It’s the balance that brings connection and clarity into your life resulting in a healthy immune system. Everything that happens, everything you feel, and everything you think about affects your immune system – one way or another.

The immune system is a direct reflection of all you allow into your head.

If you have a less than optimal life all you need to do is write down the thinking that is going on in your head along with what influenced it. In a sense, you are your own victim when it comes to your immune system.

What you think about affects your immune system. Who you hang out with also affects your immune system.

Think about how your health is right now? Is it better or worse than it was 5-years ago? Most likely your answer will be, not as good. What you must do is examine your thoughts? What went through your head in those 5-years? Were you allowing a boss you couldn’t stand to distort your value to the workplace and even to yourself? Were you working at a job you hated? How do you think this affected your health? Do you wonder why you are always sick, catching everything that comes down the pike like colds, cases of flu, and allergies? Do you get an upset stomach – that’s a sign that you can’t stomach life. Do you have breathing problems? That’s a sign that your immune system isn’t breathing life in fully.

Do you have anxiety or depression? This all started in your head and weakens the immune system. So, what do people do when they get some disease that’s tied to their weakened immune system? They go out looking for something outside of themselves to fix it; they go to the doctor, they get a shot, they get pharmaceutical drugs.

We can tell you that these pharmaceutical drugs may stop a symptom here or there, but side effects create many more problems you didn’t have before you took them. All you need to do is watch and listen to the pharmaceutical drug commercials every night on the evening news. The news channels are sponsored by the pharmaceutical industry. Did you ever think that was a coincidence? We see it as a warning. If all the news tells you is that you are sick, and the world is a violent place – it’s no wonder you have a weakened immune system. The more you allow outside forces to enter your thought patterns the weaker your immune system will get

So, who is in control of what goes on in your head? … it should be you, and not some outside influence.

Do this instead of pharmaceutical drugs. Start eating better food. Start getting some exercise every day outside. Turn off the news, media, and all their commercials designed to brainwash you into thinking you are sick or may get sick. If you can do this for just one month you will feel an amazing change in your attitude and in your life. Then, next month start working on eliminating all the people in your life that cause you anxiety and stress. Get away from them for one month and see how much better you start to feel. Begin to eat better, and exercise. You will start feeling good about yourself because you are not allowing others to drag you down to their level.

We think you will like this new person a whole lot better than the old one.



CALL TO ACTION: Start your Self-Examination

  • Don’t forget, your immune system works well until poor thinking takes over.
  • Clean up your thinking, as a weakened immune system is due to the things that start in your head.
  • The byproduct is … once you get away from what pulls your immune system down your immune system it will work like it’s supposed to.

HOW IT WORKS: Health, connection, and clarity – in your head, in your heart, and in your gut is how you connect to your loyal and dedicated Guides. Your mental wellness depends on this connection. This is when you will know you are not alone in this life, you have help!

To reach a spiritual solution, you must become conscious of your thinking. To do that, you must start writing down what’s going on in your head. It’s easy to do, but in the beginning, may be hard to accept your thinking as it shows up on the pages of your journal entries. Don’t stop there … keep writing and telling the truth to yourself. Facing it is the only way you can see it for what it isn’t, and let it go once and for all!

Here’s what your Guides want you to understand – if you have a lot of congestion in your head, you’re going to have a congested immune system, a weakened one. You don’t have to work on having positive thoughts, that’s kidding yourself and missing the point. You just need to start writing in your journal for 15-minutes every day, so you can begin to see things for what they are without taking them personally or pre-judging them. This is what produces clear thinking that brings clarity and connection to everything you do. The by-product is a strong immune system. ~ Linda Deir



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