Who Will You Be Five Years from Now?
  • The takeaway from this episode is … you will become an accumulation of everything you did in the present moments.
  • Here’s what this will do for you … you will be capable of attending to what enters your awareness, present moment by present moment.
  • Here’s what I want you to do with it … to ensure that you become the best you can be going forward, start tracking your present moments by writing them down


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There is only one “you” and that person exists only in the “Now.”

People look outside of themselves to improve. Looking for things like a better job, more money, or a better relationship; thinking that once they get these things, they will be happy – an improved person.

They seek something outside of themselves, something they believe they lack. They “try” to do things to become someone different. “Trying” is a weak attempt and will never produce anything worthwhile.

They also look to Gurus to make them a different person … herein lies the problem.  

You can make a statement that you want something. Wanting is a self-fulfilling prophecy. You may want more money because you feel you don’t have enough, however, when you want, you live from a position of lack. What you get when you want something is more wanting. You never seem to have enough of what it is you want more of.

People also “try” to do things to make themselves better. They “try” to lose weight or “try” to quit smoking. Trying only leads to more trying.  Looking for a better job or a better mate only leads to more looking. You are missing the real point.

You must forget about the future and consider “the Now.”

It is always now. When you first arrived into this life your past and your future were both “now.” So, concentrate on “the now” instead of wanting, only to get more wanting. Start by choosing to accept what you have now.

If you want a better job, say instead, “I choose to accept the job I presently have and do my best at it.” Once you do your best, you will be promoted and respected for what you do now – every day. Rewards will come your way because you are a valuable employee. Valuable employees get promotions and have jobs come looking for them.

Instead of telling yourself, you must “try” to earn more money, be grateful for the money you have. Being grateful brings gratitude and not a feeling of lack. People who are grateful are rewarded with more of what they are grateful for.

Instead of looking outside yourself for something better or something you lack, accept what you have and build on that.

If you accept with love what you have, your life fills up with exceptional people and things. Being in “the now” doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be expecting the best for the future. You just focus on things you already have, are already grateful for, and the things you accept about yourself – now. Then, expect to have more of them.

Eliminate any filters that tell you that you don’t deserve something, won’t be able to get it, or lack the talents and gifts to get it. This negative mindset places an emotional attachment on all the things making it impossible to achieve them.

The actions you take to improve yourself as a person are all in line with the universe because you are already an accepting grateful person.


  • If you want, you will get more wanting. If you try, you will have a trying life. If you go out looking, you will never see it because everything you are, is here right now. Accept it, choose it, and be grateful for it.
  • You will see that making the slightest change in how you observe yourself will affect who you are, a life-changing moment
  • The next time you hear yourself saying, “I want this” or “I’ll try” to do that, change it to “I am already that person” or “I’m going to improve on that which I already have and am grateful for.”

HOW IT WORKS: Why do people go outside of themselves to seek out a Guru to transform their lives? It’s because they believe they need someone to “hold their hand” and show them the way to their future. They want someone to tell them how to take control of their life, their career, their wealth, and their relationships. Most of the time Gurus have the same problems, only larger. More money just means more money and not fewer problems with money. You are your own Guru, and you are the only one who can help you become a more accepting, grateful, and content person. Your Spirit Guides and Angels can help you with this, but you still call the shots because this is your life, and it’s you who came here to live it. Your free will determines your fate, so make your present moments count. This is how you will become the person you will be happy with five years from now, as you awaken to why you came here in the first place. ~ Linda Deir