Volatility is Now the Norm for Everyone
  • The takeaway from this week’s episode is … how to ride through the volatility without going into fear.
  • Here’s what this will do for you … this volatility is bigger than you, so let it work for you.
  • Here’s what I want you to do with it … accept that changes you need to make are long overdue.


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People will have to get used to living in a world of volatility.

The hopes of things returning to normal are gone. You will have more questions than answers about what “we” see as your new abnormal. Now, it’s about how willing and able you are going to be when adapting to this volatility, without allowing fear to influence your decisions.

Here are just a few questions you will be asking yourself.

What adjustments will you need to make to continue doing the work you have been doing? Will it even be the same work? What will you need to do to work from home? Do you have the discipline and training to do it?

Regarding where you can go, what places will still be off-limits for large groups of people? What will you decide about vaccines, or will it even be a choice? Will you decide to get the shot, and get more shots they tell you to get to counteract future viruses? How will corporate businesses be forced to change, as well as, the educational institutions?

Will people be willing to quarantine themselves and not physically interact with others? Which businesses will suffer from this and which ones will flourish?

The world overall is not changing. It’s the day-to-day actions of the world that are changing. Those who cannot adapt or change will suffer the most. Breaking old habits and belief systems will be critical to adapting to this forced change.

People never liked to change much in the past but once they get a dose of this new forced change, they’ll like it even less. This forced change will affect their mood, their lifestyle, and their physical and mental health. Everyone is unique and will act or react differently in this new scenario. There won’t be any common, group fix. You must choose to become clearer and sharper in your decisions about everything. Some will fall off the merry-go-round (prophecy in chapter one of, Guided).  


  • Your call … choosing to change is tough, but forced change is tougher.
  • Your choice … will you be willing and able to adapt quickly enough, or will you choose to move on?
  • Your compass … the deciding factor will come from what you can imagine the world looks like in five years resulting from all this change? Now, ask yourself how you want to live it?

HOW IT WORKS: Change is now here in full force and it’s not going away. The first thing you need to determine is the kind of change that you will need to make. How do you position yourself for this inevitable change that is now here? Better yet, how do you imagine your life becoming better because of it? How will all this change affect those in your life and how will you explain it to them? How will you feel when those closest to you make changes? You have help! … you are never alone and always being guided! ~ Linda Deir