What Story Will You Tell?


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What story will you tell yourself? … your children, your grandchildren, maybe even the world about living through the unprecedented time in history … 2020? 

You don’t even know the whole story for yourself yet. To have a story from this you must be writing down what’s going on in your life, each day.

What will you have to share with humanity?

Don’t say that you don’t have a story or that nobody would be interested in what happened in your life. Each person is a unique consciousness in the collective and because of that, each has unique experiences. No two people are alike, nor will they have the same story from the same experience.

You came here to learn your lessons, so you could get around to the experiences. The year 2020 was unlike any other year in our lifetimes. So, how do you end up with a story that you are proud to have lived? The author of a story does not sit down and write their story all in one day, or even one week. A story gradually unfolds and develops along the way.

Some people feel that what happens in their lives is insignificant, even to them.

That’s not true, because everything you experience has meaning. Writing down these daily experiences is not just a chronicle of what happened that day like you may have done as a child in a diary that you kept locked up. This will be a true story about how you played your hand, living a life worthy of sharing with the world.

Your story will be derived from making an intentional noteworthy journal entry each day, not only what happened and what you experienced, but how it felt after writing it down. Then, from what happened and how it felt – what you realized from it. The action you took is what will make YOUR story so compelling to the reader.

Start your story by writing down unusual and out-of-the-ordinary occurrences that are happening each day. Or, something that suddenly entered your awareness. Was it so emotional that you could hardly write it down? Was it so scary that you tried to hide it? Was it so sad that you didn’t even want to think about it? These are all very important to write down because as you collect these daily experiences on paper and attach feelings and realizations to them along with the action you took … you will find that you have the ingredients for a compelling story … even to you.

To make it interesting so it becomes a legacy for your family, friends, and the world, you must look back at all the experiences and see how they relate and what you discovered. Does the same thing happen every time you get together with a certain person, do you get that same feeling? What is it you were supposed to learn, by stitching the experiences together, that you must have missed the last time it happened?

If you choose to interrupt the predictability of what the pattern produced, do the feelings and realizations change? As you continue this journey by documenting how truly wonderful and unique it is, do you see yourself developing as a different person, different from when you first started writing? You will find that the experiences you had as a child happen because they were supposed to happen. They were the experiences that shaped you into who you became.


HOW IT WORKS: When you take just 15 minutes a day to write down those odd and out-of-the-ordinary occurrences you will begin to see what you have been missing. Then, suddenly many new thoughts and understandings will enter your awareness but didn’t feel like they came from you. Writing all this down will awaken you almost by accident. The lights will come on as your thinking clears up. You will feel a connection to something bigger than just you. From this higher perspective, along with the collection of journal entries that you will have, you can write your story … a story that makes a difference in the world. ~ Linda Deir