Your Mind Is Like A Snow Globe | Linda Deir -author, speaker, transition coach, trainer

“Are you a physical being “trying” to have a spiritual experience? Or, are you universal spiritual energy having an earthly physical experience?

Seeing yourself as a physical entity means that you view all the things around you as being finite and in solid form. You can count them or weigh them or categorize them. Every thought, emotion, an event that occurs in your life is then interpreted as something physically real, something solid.

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When you become dissatisfied or confused with your physical situation you seek out something else to become … spiritual.

That’s when spirituality is perceived as a goal for your life. People chase it and use it as something to make themselves feel unique; even feel superior to someone else. Or, at least an improvement over who they used to be, that is – their “old” self. In order to become spiritual, people do many different things. They do yoga, learn about religion, follow gurus, pray, go into trances, experiment with drugs, fast, cleanse, dance, or sit in a circle and beat on drums. Some chant or even sit in a sweat lodge or do other things to become “someone” spiritual.

All these things are your ego’s way of entertaining itself.

It turns into a neurotic pursuit to become someone or something other than who you are. It’s a preoccupation with not accepting or being yourself. You end up “trying” to maintain self-consciousness through a system or series of techniques or conforming to a spiritual “system.” By the way, “trying” will never be enough. For example, if you wanted to become a great artist, a painter, or a musician, you would seek out a master teacher. However, your goal would not be to become a clone of your teacher but to gain insight into the experience that the teacher provided.

The fact is, your mind is like a snow globe – swirling, confused, and scattered.

Only when it settles down, you can see clearly, that is, until you shake it up again. Meditation will allow your snow globe mind to settle. Meditation helps calm your mind, allowing clarity and insight to “occasionally” creep in. If only for a moment, you accomplished this, by letting your mind just “be.” You can’t impose any thoughts or emotions on your mind when meditating, nor concentrate on any events. However, you shouldn’t suppress them either. Meditation is not about “emptying” your mind. Meditation is about “allowing” the experience of your mind’s energy to float freely.

People struggle when “trying” to be spiritual.

There is no need to struggle in order to prove your existence is worthwhile. In fact, it is in the absence of struggling in your life when you will discover yourself.”


  • You have never appreciated who it is that you are until you experience insight and clarity – like when the snow globe is at rest. The beautiful scene was there behind the snow. The warm sun was always there behind the clouds.
  • People have been focused on the non-spiritual, the physical, for so long they have forgotten who they are.
  • Allow yourself to have this spiritual experience by finding the space between the gossip of your mind and what is really happening.   

How It Works: Surrender to the moment and allow yourself to accept that you came into this physical experience as perfect spiritual energy. Then, rather than seeking to become something you feel you are not, focus on who you already are. What is great about who you are right now? How will you carry that spiritual greatness into tomorrow as your life unfolds perfectly? What can you contribute to others? What insight have you gained about yourself in your moments of clarity when the snow globe settled? Imagine that you already have all the answers and need to seek nothing. Making this connection allows your mind to draw upon an infinite realm of universal knowledge. ~ Linda Deir

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