Reincarnation – the Universe’s Recycling System

Guided Journey

  • The takeaway from this episode is … you are in the karmic catch-up of your lifetime – in this lifetime.
  • Here’s what this will do for you … humans have been the laggards of the universe for far too long. That’s why your lives are feeling so stressful now.
  • Here’s what I want you to do with it … humanity is at a tipping point to evolve. You are being pushed through it. You will either walk through the door willingly or wait to get pushed, either way, you are going through that door.


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Linda Deir took this photograph of her Spirit Guide Angel when they appeared to her at Christmas time 1994About Linda's Weekly Guided Insights






When someone says ‘I’ll be right back,’ they mean it.

This is especially applicable when a person crosses over from this life. They will be right back – sooner than they think, as reincarnation is the universe’s recycling system. Coming back to this world is a natural process in the progression of the soul’s evolution.

People come back many times to perfect the soul. The soul evolves as you learn and change under the pressures of playing out yet another incarnation. So, the soul doesn’t change, only the body and situation that you reincarnate into does.

Why do you have to come back? We call it your unfinished business. Others call it karma. It’s all the things you didn’t get closure on during your lifetime. For example, you may have had your life cut short by an accident or illness and never got to realize your life’s purpose. Therefore, you have something to finish.

The soul … when it reincarnates into a new body acquires amnesia when you get here. However, you never forget the love from where you came but, at the same time, you will forever long for that elusive love – from where you came, before this lifetime.

You forget why you came back and it’s up to you to do a karmic catch-up from where you left off.

Many times, throughout a person’s life they experience déjà vu like they’ve been in a certain place or situation before. Or they remember something and do not realize how they know it. It’s these aspects of the soul that the amnesia didn’t completely wipe out and are bleeding through into this lifetime.

Sometimes these aspects, about where you left off in other lifetimes, are so powerful they are impossible to explain, like the five-year-old classical musical prodigy or the eight-year-old brilliant artist. Neither one of these children had any lessons in this life, yet they sit down and play the most complicated piece on the piano or violin or draw the most beautiful pictures. How do you explain this? The only way is to understand that they brought these talents with them from other lives.

How many times do you have to come back before you move on to the next level or dimension?

Part of the problem with reincarnating into this world is that you don’t live long enough in a single lifetime to evolve spiritually and that’s why you must keep coming back. If a person lived to be 200 or 500 years old, they would have a chance to evolve spiritually and also have much more time to contribute to the world.

So, people should not be afraid of reincarnation or look at it as another life sentence when coming back to this world. But realize that it’s unfinished business that needs to be fulfilled in this lifetime or as many lifetimes as it will take for the person to fully evolve.


  • When people say, “I’ll be right back” they mean it. That’s reincarnation, the universe’s recycling system at work. It’s time to become conscious, to limit the need for this recycling process.
  • You come back into this life to address your soul’s unfinished business.
  • You don’t bring the full aspects of your soul back with you since your earth suit could not survive that level of energy.

HOW IT WORKS: For those of you who have read or listened to my flagship book, GUIDED, it explains how I “woke up” early in this lifetime. This made me very different right from the beginning of my life. The challenge was to figure it all out without relying on help from those who were already here. That’s when, at 20 months old, I became aware of those who were helping me and guiding me – my Spirit Guides, Angels, and others. They have been my lifeline and source of direction allowing me to accomplish much more than I could have done on my own. It’s been my karmic catch up from where I left off and not just another lifetime. ~ Linda Deir