Stop Waiting And Start Living. There’s no waiting until you...

“There’s a difference between a goal and a journey. All it takes is to stop waiting and start living. Let nothing get it the way of this.

People say things like, “Someday when I have “whatever” I’ll be a different person.” That could be when they have more money, a relationship, or when they go back to school to learn something or lose weight.

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Once they have this “whatever,” and accomplish their goal they ask themselves, “Now what?” That’s the right question because we see goals as just getting in the way of your journey. We don’t see people changing that much by getting something.

It’s what you are becoming along the way and not what you get at the end, or end up with.

This is a set up for disappointment. For example, the person in their 40s who is waiting for the parents to die and leave them a big inheritance. What if the parents outlive them? What if the parents got sick in their later years and their money went to their care and nothing was left over for the son or daughter? That person will never get back the wasted years that they waited – missing the journey, their purpose.

With this in mind, there’s no waiting until you get something in order to become something. To stop waiting and start living means you are no longer limited by any single event, you are living your life fresh every day.”


  • If you are waiting for something in the future to give you your perfect life you are delusional about the reason for your life. 
  • Nowadays many people believe that there’s some pot-of-gold at the end of the rainbow. They spend their entire life looking for the rainbow instead of looking inside themselves for the riches. 
  • Check in with yourself to see you need to stop waiting and start living in any part of your life?

How It Works: So many people miss their lives because they are waiting for something; an entitlement of some kind, or for something to go wrong. It’s usually rooted in money or fear. We didn’t come into this life only to miss it. Waiting is like holding your breath. The breath is your life force and without it, you die. So stop waiting for some future event to happen to reach some goal. Boldly live your life right now, willingly work through your challenges every day as you develop a better understanding of yourself and others. It’s not always easy to stop old habits that have been depriving you of a rich and rewarding life. It’s scary for many to change course after years of doing things a certain way, even when it didn’t make you happy or doesn’t work anymore. The world that is emerging is very different than the one we have known. So stop waiting and start living because what people strived for in this world will look ridiculous in the new emerging world. ~ Linda Deir

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