What Do You, Meghan Markle, and Cinderella Have in Common?


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What do Cinderella and Linda Deir have in common?

Nothing?… you might be surprised. Can you imagine moving beyond the limitations and roadblocks in your life? … like the limitless life of a princess? As the classic Cinderella story tells it, it was only possible because of the connections she had in the other world. That’s the world you came from and where you always have the help you need … when you ask for it.

Meghan Markle did not have it easy as she pursued her acting career. She lived frugally and did odd jobs between acting roles. She worked hard and kept a positive attitude as she learned and grew. Then, one day a friend arranged a blind date with her and Prince Harry. Her magical world was now in motion.

Cinderella and Linda Deir experienced child abuse from their stepmother (mother) and siblings. Their fathers let them down. They were treated like servants who had no value. Despite these horrendous conditions, these girls stayed true to themselves. It was helpers from beyond this world who stepped in and transformed their lives. This was only possible because they never gave up on themselves. In an instant, their lives were changed forever.

Here are three questions for you … have you been listening for your guidance? Have you been writing it in your journal? Are you ready to upgrade your life despite all the obstacles?

Rather than connecting with how this really works in your life … 

society sends you the message … that it’s out of your reach.

The attention given to the Royal Wedding exposes this fault in our society. Every little girl wants to grow up to be a princess or feel like one. This is ingrained in them in their early life by going to princess parties and Disney productions. This reinforces the idea of this lifestyle and what it feels like … if only your Prince will show up to save you. Providing a home (your castle), a beautiful car (your carriage). Beautiful clothes and all the privileges of a charmed lifestyle. It’s all reinforced by the advertising, gossip, and glamour of celebrities and Royal Families. Things people can’t seem to get enough of.

Did you recognize the parallels between the Cinderella story and Guided?

The connection between these two stories is surviving a hopeless childhood with help from beyond this world. Both girls kept this beautiful secret to themselves. Cinderella’s fairy godmother and Linda’s Spirit Guides and Angels were their only lifeline in this world, unwittingly guiding them to a better life. A much better life than they could have done on their own. They both overcame the odds because of two things. They were able to access their guidance and take action on it while it was valid.

These are not just rags-to-riches stories, they are stories of what “appeared” to be hopeless situations, and because of the help they received they rose above it all to a life of true happiness. All possible because of help from forces beyond this world. These are stories about moving from a repressive childhood to unlikely happiness. A total awakening because of this connection. Both endured constant assaults from their mothers and sibling(s). Physical, mental, and emotional abuse. In that repressive situation, they both had no value in this world – the opposite of what the Spirit Guides and fairy godmother saw in these girls.

So, what is your idea of a fairy tale life? … a better life than you could have created on your own. 

Do you listen to your guidance and act on it – so it can become a reality? Cinderella, with her fairy godmother fast at work on her behalf, never stepped into doubt. They stayed present which is why they were able to rise above Cinderella’s dismal situation allowing for the possibilities to present themselves. Neither one of these girls ever accepted their demeaning situation while they were still in it. They knew they were connected to something much greater than just this world.

Believing in yourself is the key. Only then will you be able to; first, make this connection, and second, take action on this time-sensitive guidance.

Once you have this solid connection to us, gratitude becomes the fundamental feeling that keeps your connection going. Pay attention to the guidance coming through, write it all in your journal. This will be the fast track to reconnecting with “us” now, so you too can live a better life than you could have done on your own.


  • You can’t chase this “better life.” It comes to you at the perfect time, but you must be open to it.
  • Meghan Markle, Cinderella, and Linda Deir believed in themselves even when life was difficult. This allowed them to remain in the present moment, so they didn’t miss opportunities when they showed up.
  • Gratitude was the primary ingredient that kept them in the present moment.

HOW IT WORKS: These magical moments are constantly showing up. They don’t just happen to a select few, it happens to everyone. If you are not experiencing them, then you are missing it. You miss it because you are expecting something else. The fix is easy – breathe, stop expecting, or insisting that it has to be a certain way, a certain thing, or person. Guidance rarely gives you what you expected and that’s why your life will work out better than anything you had planned. ~ Linda Deir