Perception Correction | Linda Deir -author, speaker, transition coach, trainer

Perception correction has now begun. You have turned a corner. This process started in 2012.

When you turned this corner you noticed things started working against you for no apparent reason. Things not working the way they should, in fact, things are breaking down; your job got more challenging, relationships more stressful, people not cooperating with you as they drag their feet and are non-committal, communication was disrupted or cut-off, finances stretched, maybe even your health has been negatively affected, and more.

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For most people, their physical and spiritual strength dissipated or diminished. For others, they may have thought life is becoming unbearable and even talked about giving up. They approached these events in different ways depending on if they perceived events happening “to me” or “for me.”

Like adjusting a lens to see better, this is what perception correction feels like.

The ‘to me” people saw this as a breakdown and cried and complained and wanted things to go back to the way they were. They saw it as the world and systems breaking down and they couldn’t do anything about it. Their solution was passive hope and prayer that someday it will all be “fixed.” However, by doing this they are just evolving backward.

The “for me” people saw this same event as a breakdown also. They started to adapt and change and reevaluate their life going forward. They saw an opportunity to improve on themselves, along with the systems that were breaking down. They saw it as getting a “break” and not a breakdown. The “for me” people see things differently and therefore, they – along with others who think the same way, are creating something exciting as they evolve forward.

For perception correction to happen, It takes only one person with an open mind to see something others do not.

Others soon recognize that – that person has some type of knowledge or power and they pick up on that knowledge through association. This is how the social consciousness hologram restructures and rebuilds itself as it evolves forward. This is a fundamental process.

How It Works: This shift will be underway for the rest of your lifetime. All life on the planet will be facing a perception correction. Your assumptions will be in question. People are fighting the shift in every part of their lives. They become part of the problem as they get more confused about what they should do next. They wait. You will recognize the “to me” people the longer they wait and do nothing, the more short-tempered they will become. The “for me” people are engaged in the possibilities. They are part of the solution as they create new experiences for themselves and others. You will recognize the “for me” people as positive solution-based thinkers. The world we currently live in is unsustainable and we can do better – much better. Take time to study each event on its own merit, listen to your guidance and then take action. ~ Linda Deir

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