The Spiritual Armor that's Always Protecting You
  • The takeaway from this episode is … you won’t always realize you are protected, but you are.
  • Here’s what this will do for you … you will have more trust in what you are feeling.
  • Here’s what I want you to do with it … start noticing the protection your Guides are always sending to you. Start a journal writing routine of those unusual and out-of-the-ordinary experiences.


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How do you know we are protecting you?

You are protected when you are connected. It’s not something you feel all the time like spiritual armor; however, you will know it when you experience it. You experience it when you need it, but it’s always there.

Even though you are always protected, it’s those extreme cases when you will notice it the most.

Like when you step off the curb and someone grabs your arm and pulls you back narrowly getting hit by a speeding car. Or you are driving, and something tells you to make a turn at the next street, and as soon as you turn you see an accident happening in the rear-view mirror. That would have been you in that accident had you not trusted the guidance that was protecting you.

These are examples of how we protect you, but you weren’t anticipating any of them when they happened.

It’s the benefit of being connected to us just like loving yourself more. This protection is around you 24/7. Think of the times when something tragic happened like an accident or a loss of someone, did you feel protected during those times? How did this protection feel?

Going into shock is one form of protection, protecting you from overwhelming pain and suffering that you were not meant to fully experience, yet. At other times these incidences are lessons you were supposed to experience, lessons you came here to learn. We cannot protect you from your lessons, only guide you through them until they are learned.

This idea of protection is self-gratifying once you know we are there, making you feel much more relaxed about going out into the world. However, people who don’t feel this protection tend to hide out and live in fear. They don’t feel protected, they feel vulnerable. They feel alone and disconnected from us. While the world can be a dangerous place, it’s a dangerous place for everyone, so make the connection to us because …

… you can’t see it when you’re in it, but we can.


When you know you are being protected by us you are connected making it easier to dodge the dangers. When you are fearful and paranoid you become an attractor of them.


  • Write down some of the things that have almost happened to you. That was the benefit of being connected and protected by us.
  • Release the fear – feeling protected will be the by-product.
  • When something happens and you don’t receive our protection – it’s a lesson. We are here to help you learn by living your life, not protect you from it.

HOW IT WORKS: Your Spirit Guides can see what you cannot because they are not in this world like you are. Your awareness is dimmed when you are functioning in just this world. For this reason, you must take 15-minutes a day to write down those moments of illumination in your journal. Write down what caught your attention that you were not expecting. This did not come from you; it came through you. Your Spirit Guides protect and guide you 24/7, however, they never interfere with your free-will. To be sure your free-will is aligned with your best life and your connection to your Guides, you must start writing down those unusual and out-of-the-ordinary occurrences in your journal each and every day. Living your best life depends on it! ~ Linda Deir