Your Before and After

“People are fascinated with before and after photos. They show up everywhere in advertising.

What the room looked like before and after the remodel. What the person looked like before they lost weight and afterward. What they looked like before and after plastic surgery. It’s all designed to show the biggest contrast possible.

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Although the remodel looks nice, a lot of time and money was invested to transform it. However, did the basic function and purpose of the remodeled room change at all? If you remodeled the living room and all you did before the remodel was watch TV or fall asleep on the couch, are you doing the same things after the remodel?… most likely you are. So, what is it that really changed other than outside appearances?

You can apply this thinking to people who chase things during their lives in order to look better and impress others. But aren’t you the same person even if you do a makeover? Yes, you are.

“Your Before and After” is an inside job.

You came into this life from who it is that you really are. Along the way, you get a makeover in many ways to fit in or belong to a certain group of friends who are all doing the same things. But all these things you do to get something has nothing to do with why you came here or who you really are. Who you are changed, as a result of becoming something more than you were before you got here, in that before picture.

What have you learned since you got here and how have you contributed to the world? How have you become a person who knows yourself better, even though your outer looks didn’t change that much?

Your before and after pictures of your life are invisible in a photograph.

That’s because it’s your life we are talking about, not what you look like. The truth about your before and after is defined by who you were before you got here, and who you are now. You discover your real before and after versions of yourself when you are not afraid to experience new things. This is how you find true happiness and acceptance of yourself.

Look at the before photo of you – when you were a baby. Even though you are older now, you are still that same person. Ask yourself, what have you done in your life so far that has actually changed you for the better. We are not counting any of the external frivolous things you did to change your looks or how you want others to perceive you.

When you leave this life you certainly don’t want to be remembered for the superficial stuff you did or had. Just another person who missed what they came here to do. Someone who missed the countless opportunities to become more than you were before you got here. Otherwise, what was the point?


  • People just love the illusion of before and after photographs.
  • They believe that the physical contrast actually has some real meaning.
  • People, if they don’t take action toward self-discovery and improvement while they are here will die wasting a life that only showed up in before and after photos.”

HOW IT WORKS: Do you gravitate toward the outer or inner you? What has the strongest pull? The outer pull causes you to seek approval and be accepted. The inner pull causes you to follow your soul’s urge. There was a time in your life when the outer forces were stronger. Eventually, the inner urges took over. This is when you finally got around to accomplishing what you came here to do in this lifetime. When this happens the most common reaction people feel is an urgency, like they don’t have enough time. Once you feel this there is no going back to the superficial ways you used to live. You feel the connection with the determination to follow it now. This is the soul’s urge reminding you who you are and what you came here to do. ~ Linda Deir

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