Meet Those Who Guide your Higher Self | Linda Deir -author, speaker, transition coach, trainer

“Meet those who guide your higher self. What exactly is this higher self and how do you reach it?  

Is higher intelligence actually your higher self, or is your higher self communicating with an even higher self? We will attempt to explain it clearly.

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Your desire to seek higher intelligence is an indicator of something lacking in your life. You know that something is missing. There is a pit in your stomach, a hole in your soul that requires filling. So, you start chasing everything and anything you believe will satisfy that feeling of lack.

You become deeply curious. This curiosity sets you on a path to meet those who guide your higher self.

First, you seek out gurus. You may even go live in an ashram for a while, but when you get home you still have that nagging curiosity. You may attend retreats, or seminars, or listen to spiritual teachers who all have their own ideas of how you should become enlightened. They are selling you a product or a course to follow what they came up with. What if you couldn’t afford to go to India, or go to seminars every weekend, or buy dozens of books to read? 

How will you ever reach this higher intelligence, this higher self?

What if we told you it is with you all of the time. Even better, it’s always available to you, it’s free, has no agenda or products to sell you.

Knowing all this, you have nothing stopping you from becoming enlightened.

Experiment with this – sit in a quiet place, a silent room, or go sit next to a babbling brook in the sunlight. Close your eyes and relax. Don’t try to eliminate all the thoughts racing through your mind, just concentrate on a few of them that come into your mind at that moment.

These are the thoughts your higher self wants you to be aware of. Concentrating on these thoughts, one at a time, you begin a new phase of understanding that your higher self serves as the intermediary bringing through many other enlightened intelligent, and benevolent beings who also what to help you.

Now, once you learn to get quiet and talk to your higher self, what you can learn about yourself and your journey here is endless.


  • Chasing enlightenment will never get you enlightened. 
  • People keep supporting a billion-dollar self-help industry when you already have the best help with you all the time, us. 
  • Find a quiet spot and listen to what we have to say.

How It Works: In your silence, you establish an ongoing relationship with your higher self, eventually you will be introduced to those who guide your guides. This means that you will be granted access to even higher knowledge. It’s like a graduation. But this can’t happen until you have learned what your guides and higher self are here to show you, and that you are willing and eager to learn. ~ Linda Deir

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