Loneliness and Isolation
  • The takeaway from this episode is … to find your purpose for being here you must release yourself from the monotony of your daily life long enough to begin to see who you really are.
  • Here’s what this will do for you … once you get a glimpse of the real you – you will begin to see what caused the loneliness and isolation.
  • Here’s what I want you to do with it … to build on this newfound clarity you must write down the communication you will start to receive from your source connected guidance.


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There are no more clans.

Communities no longer come together as a group that supports and takes care of each other. Society has forced people into separation and isolation.

Modern technology reinforces isolation. This technology model is designed to make you feel connected, while at the same time, you feel disconnected, isolated, and alone. Isolation and the lack of personal interaction have trained you to judge others. This control over how you act and think only appears to work in the lives of people who are disconnected from everything.

Humanity has moved from groups who supported each other to forced individuality where you have no support. It cuts you off, making you feel alone and that nobody cares. Your ego came to the rescue making you feel even more threatened by your paranoia and judgment of others who, by the way, you do not even know. The ego is designed to protect you, but this is overdoing it. You are afraid to take risks because you have no support, resulting in stress, mental illness, addictions, and diseases that are now rampant in your world. Worst of all, this has become the social norm

Without a support system, you will continue to suffer and struggle. This results in living a fear based life … when you experience the ultimate disconnection.

It’s an illusion to believe that you are alone. You have never been alone. We have always been with you, guiding you but you must slow down long enough to realize it.

You were connected to us when you first arrived in this life.

It was these outside influences that broke your bond between us. Now, it’s more important than ever to reconnect with us as your entire world is at a precipice of suffering from an epidemic of loneliness and isolation.

When you are disconnected you can’t see it – you can’t see it when you’re in it. It’s like being in a fog that you adapted to long ago because everyone else did. When you reconnect to us and follow our guidance, coming out of the fog will feel dramatic and bright. You will want to help everyone see this, but that’s NOT how it works. They must reach out to you through their fog of loneliness and isolation when they are ready. Just like when you were where they are, they need to come to their own realizations – seeing “it” for themselves. That’s when they will feel that something important is missing. This void sets off an urgency that cannot be ignored. This is when they start feeling the connection again, so they are capable of following their guidance.

This awareness will restore your connection to source, your Guides, or whatever you want to call it. This will come your way naturally.


  • People used to live in clans where everyone looked out for everyone else. That was survival. You must now rise above just surviving and into oneness.
  • Society developed a model to break up these clans, these communities, and families, turning them into isolated individuals. Only once you see this for what it is will you be able to evolve to the next level of consciousness.
  • In this separateness, people have become afraid, paranoid, and judgmental about people and things they have no connection to. These people have learned nothing and will be left behind.

HOW IT WORKS: In childhood, I was a member of a family who was all disconnected and only together out of obligation. They were not supportive; they were cold and resentful of having to live up to what was socially expected of them. The only thing that got me through that childhood was the connection I had to my Spirit Family, my real family, where I came from. As a result of always having access to their guidance, I was learning to live in 2 worlds. From this perspective, I learned not to take things personally and see things and people for what and who they were. There was no sugar coating anything by making excuses for their bad behavior in order to cover up my shame about them. I appeared to be isolated and lonely, but I was not, I remained connected to my Spirit Guides and Angels. No one ever knew what I was doing, resulting from living in two worlds not just stuck in this one. That’s how I came out of that abusive childhood unscathed – I remained connected.

Your Spirit Guides and Angels are your clan, your support, and your eternal family here and always. So, make this connection because they can see what you cannot and show you what you forgot. ~ Linda Deir