Don't Let Life Take Your Life

“How does life take your life?

It starts by doing things your heart is not into. You look around and feel that life is not only passing you by … but you’re not getting anything out of it.

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It used to seem okay to live a mediocre life because all your friends and family were doing it. You reasoned that if the people you are associating with appear to be somewhat happy then you must be okay with it too. So, why don’t you feel okay? What is it inside you that’s nagging you and gnawing away at your peace of mind? What are you doing wrong?

This is when your life feels more like a life sentence than a life worth living.

You are so ingrained into your mediocre lifestyle that you can only put-up with-it day by day. You live all week for the weekend and dread Monday mornings. Many of you even medicate yourself with drugs, alcohol, or food just so you can make it through the week. The result is, your primary relationship suffers, and you never have enough time for yourself. Your lifestyle, although it seems the norm for most people, is just the opposite of what you need to do and how you need to feel.

You must start the observation process of writing down everything in your life that is out of the ordinary, or unusual, along with everything you are not satisfied with. Once you can see this written down on paper, right in front of you – you can ask yourself how it makes you feel? Then, ask an exemplary question; how I would feel differently if this were not the case. Next, what does this make you realize? Does it make you realize that you are on the wrong track? Write that down.

If this continues without you making a course correction you will wind up living a life that takes your life – one filled with regrets.

You will experience a deep emptiness that you wasted your life and didn’t accomplished any of the things you intended before you got here. The final question is what puts change into motion? What action are you going to take right now … today, to correct your life?


  • Until you are in enough pain will you decide to change.
  • You must write down everything about your life that is hard or changing.
  • Unless you take action in the direction of how you see your future you will remain in the pain.

HOW IT WORKS: Everything that occurs from the uneasy feelings you have had about your life is a setup, a precursor, to remove you from those unsatisfying situations. This is your intuition informing you that change is inevitable. Nothing that happens in your life should ever come as a surprise as long as you take the 15-minutes each day to write down what is: out of the ordinary, unusual, satisfying, or not satisfying.

It will show itself first through the things you are saying to other people, what you are saying to yourself, thoughts that make you feel insecure and fearful and seeing yourself out of that situation where it’s no longer a part of your life.

So, you have a choice about life taking your life, or not:

  1. Don’t take the 15-minutes to write these occurrences down in your journal only to be tormented by them.
  2. Or, write these occurrences down, date them, answer how it feels, what you realized, and the action you will take. This is the only way you will see the help you are always getting along with the obvious choices that will make your journey a fulfilling one.

Once you face the fact that you can’t run away from any of the challenges in your life will you see the value in recording the evidence about what is happening – while you are in it. This is how you will reach the calm within you, in all situations. Only then will you stop resisting “what is.” You will be at ease with everything happening in your life as it turns out better than had you planned it yourself. You had help. Help from those who came here with you, your Spirit Guides and Angels. ~ Linda Deir

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